Sunday Run 24.3.2013

My Sunday run is my end of the week ritual and I love running on Sundays as it is so quiet and one of the best things I have started. I have written about my Sunday runs on a website I had created but I have had to cancel this now, so decided to write about them still on as a weekly blog.

Running is one of the things that helps me to think of ideas of what to write about and share things with you to those who have or do read my blogs.

Please see the links at the bottom of this blog to view and read my other blogs I write aswell.

Today I was feeling a little bit low as I do suffer with depression from time to time, and especially when certain changes happen that I have no control over. At the moment my life is going through a transition at which in a week or so I will be made redundant, and I am fighting to stay positive and luck would have it something good did happen today. .

Not only as I am superstitious did see 2 magpies today but I sold an item on ebay today.

For me it it was step closer to how I want my life now pan out and it may not be a big deal to some people but for me it was and did help along with my running to stay focused and to keep positive.

I have been watching the girl group Saturday’s reality show on the Channel E on Virgin Media cable, and one of the girls in the group suffers from depression and she said something that stood out to me and was so true and that was with depression it doesn’t just go away and your cured because today you’re happy, it something that can creep up on you  and can take control of you.

I have written in my blog called about issues I have had with self confidence and I do share my story and tips on how I deal with certain things and how I have coped so far with this change, to help others who may have gone through or have had similar issues like myself; but it doesn’t mean that I no longer have depression or I no longer get days where I dislike the way I look, but it is that I have learned to fight and take control of these feelings of not feeling good within myself and on the outside, so that they don’t control me and it helps to get out of these feelings and keep positive, and look at what I do have not want I don’t have.

With running it has given me that sense of control and finding something that I like doing for myself and only I am in charge of my running and no one else.

The first I started running it was hard, and I did feel self concious at first but as I kept going and stuck with it I have never looked back and a week doesn’t feel right if I miss run, and keeps my momentum high.

So to all keep focus keep positive and everything will pan out, it just take time and patience, plus you do have to make that extra effort sometimes, but it does pay off.

Thanks for reading.

Carrie X

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Life Coach, Blog Writer, Author, Content Creator and a Mother. My aim is to help people with parenting, building success, health and wellbeing and creating a network and community through my blogs, books and video content.
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