Sunday Run, Easter Sunday 31st March 2013

Happy Easter!

So today I went for my usual Sunday run and today is a special one as it is Easter Sunday, and amazingly we had some sunshine today and no rain, their was a little bit of snow but not a lot.

As I was running I was thinking about writing about diets, as there seems to be so many now and everyone seems to think they have the solution to loosing weight. However what these people do forget is that everyone is different and what has worked for them isn’t necessarily going to work for someone else.

Educating myself about food and nutrition, I have come to learn that it is about knowing what your body needs in order for you to have the correct fuel for energy, hydration and what is not good for your body.

I think it is good to want to be thinner if you are obese not because I have anything against people of an obese size, but because of the health implications, and that is the key to loosing weight is “being healthy”.

The best way to start is by keeping a food diary or journal as this is where you really see what it is you are eating. Think about the way the food makes you feel, and this will indicate why you eat these foods, sometimes it is to do with not really the taste of the food itself but the comfort it gives. Did you have indigestion shortly afterwards or feel sluggish?

Do you feel bloated after eating wheat or get stomach problems are drinking milk such as any symptoms of IBS?

You may be wheat or dairy intolerant.

By doing this you will learn what your body must cut down on and learn what your body needs and likes to keep it healthy.


Thank you for reading.

Carrie X

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Life Coach, Blog Writer, Author, Content Creator and a Mother. My aim is to help people with parenting, building success, health and wellbeing and creating a network and community through my blogs, books and video content.
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