Finding Balance


Keeping a balance between your fitness training and nutrition is a good way to start to change the way you think, feel and see food and exercise. I am not going to tell you that what is not good for you, as that is something that you have to learn yourself, and you have got to want to learn. 


What I am going to say is since educating myself about fitness and food, I have learned that it is about what is good for the individual not what works for everyone, as there is not fitness or diet cure for everyone and this illusion needs to change.

So this is where keeping a food diary or journal really helps as you start to educate yourself on what your body needs to change to be healthier, and remember that is the focus “being healthy”.

Learning to cook also I think is really important, I am not a confident cook so I won’t be taking Nigella Lawson’s place any time soon, but learning to cook stir fry’s, bolognese sauce from scratch, healthy puddings, soups and stews, really does help you to see that not only can help take control of what is in your food, as there is a lot of food such as fast food or take a way food where we have no idea what is going in these dishes, but if you make from scratch then you do have that control. Also it does help the cost of groceries. Example making bolognese from scratch does work out cheaper than the jar of bolognese sauce.

I will be writing a quick recipe on making bolognese sauce soon. 

Also I think, and this is my own opinion that there is a lot of misunderstanding of the word diet. A lot of the time people see it as not eating hardly anything or putting restrictions on what you can and can’t eat, which in sense looks at the word diet in a negative way rather than a positive way.

So lets look at the word diet and what it actually means. 

Definition: Diet is defined as a person’s regularly consumed food and drink or it can mean regulating food intake to lose or gain weight.

Regularly and Regulating

Regular or regulating is eating less but more. This may sound contradictory but it will make sense once broken down and explained in a little bit more detail. 

So when we say less but more we mean eating food during regular intervals during the day that will fill you up to a certain amount balancing your nutrition to help provide the energy you need in the morning, during day and in the evening. Never good idea to under eat or over eat, but eating enough that will keep you going each day. So eat to the point where you feel full but never to full. 

I know a lot of people who skip meals and this can put the body in starvation mode which is bad for the body because this is where a person can overeat during meal time. 

So eating 1 hour to 30 minutes before your dinner time, such as an Apple or some nuts can help keep the hunger at bay and will help to prevent over eating. 

They say that you should stop eating up to 8pm, but that’s in an ideal world and it does depend on your lifestyle and that is what a lot of experts forget sometimes is that not everyone has the same daily routine as each other, especially if they have children or work unsociable hours, or different shift patterns each week. 

I say learn how many calories your body actually needs to keep it going, going on what your day is like or week is like (so your current lifestyle), your build (height, and current weight), if you currently exercise and there is a brilliant website which I have linked below this blog. It is called the Calorie Calculator which is completely free to use and can help give you an idea. 

I worked out mine and I need: 

Maintenance 1633
Fat Loss 1306
Extreme Fat Loss 1080

This is a approximate indication. Now this doesn’t mean that I have to consume this amount but gives me a guideline of the amount of calories (energy) I need to function each day. I have been a little reckless this weekend as it is easter so I have written a eating plan to get back on track and this is the other point, if you do go off the track never beat yourself up about it, just reset your plan and keep going.

So work out the calories you need and then start keeping as I advised in my blog I did yesterday, keep a food diary or journal to look at what you are currently consuming. 

Anything that I have a bad reaction to I always keep note of it to remind me that this certain food is not good for me. You will learn the same. 

Then look at your current exercise, and this is the other ingredient to your change if you want to change your current lifestyle in terms of diet, is to exercise because you can still have those treats or bad days, as long as your burn it off, because also once you start loosing weight if you are not careful parts will sag, because the skin loosens. This is why you do have to balance your diet (nutrition) and fitness, because as your body changes and loosens it needs to be toned up so you see positive results.

 I will write more about exercising in my next blog to help you to make that change. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X




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