Weekly run 4th April 2013

I am so glad I have more time to fit in a weekly run now because it wasn’t always possible and have done lots more running this passed week and I will continue, it is great. 

What keeps me focused is I imagine myself running a long a sandy stretch of beach, even when it is really cold and snowing, and I can feel the calming breeze the smell of fresh fruit and flowers, the blue sky and the softness of the sand below my feet as I take every stride. 


I went for a run yesterday and even though it was snowing it didn’t stop me, I felt so comfortable than I ever have before and now it is “what was so hard about it when I first started?” and I am so glad that I have kept with it as I am person who looses interest in a lot of things very quickly; I am really happy with myself that I have kept it up. 

Even when I feel like my legs are aching and they start to feel heavy I can now really push myself to keep going. 

It is funny how many people are surprised when you say you go for a run, as if it a skill they’ve never experienced or not able to do. But that is the joy of running anyone can do it, it is like anything else it putting the work in, and going through the first time run, then the second and then the third; then once you continue then you look back and think “How did I not do this before?”.

I do change my route and location for running from time to time to keep me motivated, for example I love running along the river in London, and the parks and just going where my legs take me. The joy of running is that you can almost run anywhere you like and you will be surprised how people will follow you. Since I started running a lot of people in my last work place for example started also running, getting fit and even walking because I often walked home from work too, and that makes me feel so great inside that I have connected with people through my running, walking and my fitness. 

Plus I now share it via this blog and love connecting with people through my blogs, and reading about other peoples running through their blogs too. 

When you do a fundraising even such as the Race For Life, which I am going to do again this year it also sparks off an energy to other people you know and before  you know it others ask if they can join you in an fundraising running and walking event. 

So I say get on the trainers and start running today, honestly you will see the benefits. 

Thank you for reading. 

Carrie X


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Life Coach, Blog Writer, Author, Content Creator and a Mother. My aim is to help people with parenting, building success, health and wellbeing and creating a network and community through my blogs, books and video content.
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