Weekly Run 10th April 2013

Today I went for my mid week run as planned, I didn’t feel like going for a run today but glad I did as I felt much better afterwards.

I even ran further than originally planned around Epsom, but didn’t do too much as I am going for a run on Friday around London.

Whilst running today I thought I would share some tips on how to start running, as you may be wanting to go for a run but not sure where to start, what clothes/footwear you need or feeling self conscious, about running in case people look at you or like I felt when I first started running it was the thought of bumping into people I knew whilst running, in case they laughed at me or took the mickey. I would go really early in the morning so I didn’t see anyone I knew or unlikely to. However to be honest people don’t really pay attention to you, as there are so many people getting into running now that it is an everyday scene of someone running. 

When people you know, know you like to run they are actually impressed and it is a great way of not consciously passing the exercise energy on to them and motivation. Since I started I have had people I know ask me if they can join me in the charity runs and walks I do, and some go  running too or go to the gym or walk now to do some form or exercise. You will see the benefits and so will other people who will also take up exercise to ream in the benefits aswell. 

So my first tip would be: 

– Go through your current schedule and find the free space you have to arrange your first run and stick to that time or day, even if you go late evening or morning keep with it, and it is a lot easier to go for a very early and evening run now as it is now getting lighter in the morning and evenings. 

– Invest in a bum bag or carry pouch or wear zipped pocket top, to keep your keys, phone and a little bit of money if you are going to go far. 

– Keep it small first time. 

I know a lot of people who have started to run and instead of keeping it a small distance have done 5 Kilometres and burnt themselves out and not been able to move very well the next day and not continued on running, due to the strain they had put their body through, because they have tried to do too much too soon. 

So keep it small, do a short distance first, and start walking to help get the blood pumping round the body and warmed up and then begin with a slow jog, never decide to do a massive sprint at the beginning as you will be overdoing it even before you have begun.

Walk for 10 minutes for your warm up and then jog between 2 to 5 minutes with 2-5 minute walking intervals, and do your first run between 15-30 minutes in total with walking in between each jog. 

If you do want to sprint or go a little faster then do so but towards the end of your run and go as fast as you feel you can and only for about 30 seconds to 1 minute especially if you are new to running or new to fitness. 

Increase your running time, distance and speed gradually with each run. I started by going every other day, and alternating between short and longer runs each week. 

– Invest in a pair of specialised running trainers, and there are some good priced running trainers available, such as Sports Direct do trainers for running from prices, £26.00. I did use normal trainers at first which you can if only doing a short distance but be careful as they won’t have the same material and soul as running trainers, and the footwear you wear are to help protect your fit not hurt them. 

– Use a Treadmill. 

Great for building up your running, and I used the Treadmill a lot when I first, such great machine to use when new to running. Treadmills aren’t for everyone, but on my experience the treadmill was my Personal Trainer. It is best to run on Marathon mode when running on treadmill  as you will need to adjust it to how it would feel when running outside.

If not able to fit or afford a home Treadmill then a gym will most definately have these running machines, and if you use a sports centre like David Lloyd or “The Gym” for example they will have plenty of these in their gyms. However go on non busy days as most gym members will use these machines in their workout as they are very popular.

– Always take a drink or drink some vitamin C such a Ribena or Orange Juice I normally do this 1 hour before I am due for my run if I don’t take a bottle of water or juice with me. Never over do drinking before or during exercise (running) as this can cause stitches and cramps during your run. 

– Find the public toilets, which I always do in case I do need to go, as there is nothing worse then  running and then your run is interrupted because you need the toilet. 

– Running tights. 

Definitely worth investing and I never run without them, no fear of them slipping down whilst running or causing irritation to the skin when I begin to sweat and body is all warmed up. 

Some clothes can have seams and material which can irritate when the body begins to sweat and temperature rises during the exercise.

So make you are as comfortable as possible. 

– Cool down, to make sure you don’t just stop and then sit down after you run as this will cause you to have cramps in the legs and increase the risk of other pains and injuries occurring. You need to help the body adjust to the exercise you have just done and help the heart rate return to normal slowly by cooling the body down. I do quick to slow walk back to cool down the body and then when I am indoor (at home) I will then stretch, to help the body especially the legs to recover and not cramp up when not moving. For example when I go for a run and don’t stretch I can get really painful cramps at the back of the legs, but when I stretch after a run I don’t, and so it is very important to stretch after a run and help recover the body after the exercise ready for relaxation and for the next scheduled run. 

– Journal and Record. 

Journalling and recording your run is a great way to help you with your running as you can then see the difference from your first run to the second: How you have progressed, felt, what time of the day did you run, day, the weather (e.g. was it raining or sunny), what was you wearing, how could it be better and your goals for next run. 

This is key set yourself goals as this will help keep you upping your runs and gives you an aim to keep the motivation. 

So I hope for those wanting to get started I hope my short tips will help you and if you would like to ask me some questions about running and fitness to help you, then please do. 

Many thanks for reading. 


Carrie X

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Life Coach, Blog Writer, Author, Content Creator and a Mother. My aim is to help people with parenting, building success, health and wellbeing and creating a network and community through my blogs, books and video content.
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