My Great London Run Friday 12th April 2013

Today I went for a run in London, my home city. I love running in London, and there are so many places to run.

I decided to run around Hyde Park today which is one of my favourite Parks, It extends from Kensington Palace to Marble Arch to Bayswater, and you can walk all the way through the park from Kensington London, to the West End of London (Marble Arch/Oxford Street/Oxford Circus), if you would like some retailer therapy after your walk.

I Began my run little bit earlier before I reached Hyde Park round the back of Buckingham Palace, which is Buckingham Palace Gardens, which is covered by a very massive brown bricked wall all the way round, which is Grosvenor Place, up to Hyde Park Corner through the Hyde Park Corner entrance.

As I was crossing over the round to Hyde Park Corner entrance what appeared? The Queens Guards on horses in all in their uniforms and outfits, very spectacular to see, and you don’t always get to see the Queens Guards when you are in London so if you do manage to see them make the most of it. 

Here is a picture below that I took:


It was a very overcast and rainy day, so I wasn’t able to take that many photos unfortunately but I took as many as possible for you.

If you run around Hyde Park be weary of the lanes as the path that leads from Hyde Park Corner up to Marble Arch, are split into running/Walking lanes and cycling, until you get to the very top end and further round and then it is all running and walking lanes; you do have a choice of running on the concrete paths or grass.


The photo above is the Marble Arch End which leads to Oxford Street/Circus, and very popular shopping placed, and you have Bond street there too. 

You will find the famous Selfridges store down there, and very easy to get carried away when shopping in Oxford Street as there is so much choice. My favourite theatre is also in Oxford Circus The London Palladium, and I have seen many musicals and pantomimes there.

And then you follow the park round to the left and then this leads to Bayswater, Lancaster Gate, which is the home of the English Football Association. 


Hyde Park is LENGTH, 5.12 miles (Equivalent to 5.26 miles on flat terrain), and is fantastic on a Summers day, it does hold events such as Proms in the Park, Hyde Rock Calling, which has various bands playing, I went to this last year and it was brilliant saw Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Adam Ant and I am going to see Bon Jovi again in Hyde Park this year too, and Rolling Stones are playing this year in Hyde Park. 

When you carry on going down you will come to the end which will be where Kensington Gardens are, and you will see Kensington Palace the Home the Late Princess Diana, and she was still a Princess in my eyes, very iconic and special lady, which a lot of people will never forget, and whenever I come to hyde Park, Kensington Gardens I always think of her.

See next picture of Kensington Palace:

This picture is not taken by me but that I found for you as the picture I took were not good enough to show you. 


Then as you continue to go the long strip that leads to Kensington High Street end, which then leads onto Hyde Park gate, you will then come to the Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial. As I began to run this bit of the part it did start to rain heavy so had to take quick pictures (see below) and the Albert Memorial has all scaffolding holding it together as it is so old now and I think they are changing the Memorial. 


Picture of the Albert Hall. 


The Albert Memorial. 

I continued running until I reach where I began Hyde Park Corner. 


I do feel lucky being from London, and living in Epsom which is just outside is not too far away.  I will be writing more about London, places to go and other places to run. 

I remember someone whom I met whilst in USA, Florida and this Lady said how she feared about London being dangerous. All places has it’s bad side, but being a Londoner like others are like where they live you know where to go and not. 

If you do come to London and would like information to places to go and see then let me know, by adding a comment below or email me at:

You get used to your neighbourhood and know the good places with the bad. 

There are a lot of places to go and see in the London, and even though us Londoners do tend to keep ourselves to ourselves, when it comes to London events such as the London Olympics 2012, the Royal Wedding of William and Kate and the Queen’s Jubilee we know how to bring people together where you will see people talking to strangers and getting to together for those special times. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

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