My Weekly Run Tuesday 16th April 2013

Today I went for a very short run late evening, and it was really tough I think my legs were still recovering from Friday as I had done a lot of walking over the weekend, as I spent the weekend in London with the in-laws to site see. 

It is amazing how after a certain time you learn more about someone and you see a side that you haven’t seen before, the politeness that was there when you first met them is no longer there, and suddenly it is like gradually the monster in that person starts to break through and they become not the person you thought they were. 

Not giving too much away but someone did change towards me over the weekend and it was a side I wish I hadn’t seen. I am a women who loves her football and I have worked with men and always had a laugh and a joke, and funny debates about football. I am used to guys making sexist comments awaiting for you to respond, sometimes you get the guy who thinks that because he is a bloke that he should know more about football than me, which I just let them get on with it, because really what do they expect me to do. The thing is I don’t see it as a competition, I see it as something that I love to be involved in, I love the Cup competitions, running a team myself and going to matches, but for some reason I don’t know if it is because they feel threatened, but this weekend some guy whom I had a high regard for tried to quiz me on football but it was things that happened in 1966, now I have followed football and read books about the history and at first I thought of it to be as always a general friendly, funny conversation; however, he said because I didn’t know the answer to one, which was something about an Everton player which I don’t even know if an Everton fan would know, in 1966 and they scored in the FA cup and then because I didn’t know the answer, the unexpected response I got from this person was “See I beat you, you like football you should know this I win” 

Even my husband was shocked at this and even thought on the way it was said that it was out of order, especially from the person whom had just said that as it completely changed the atmosphere of the room and I felt so comfortable and disappointed because of the person who’d just done that, I thought I knew them I obviously didn’t. Not the person whom I had first met. 

I didn’t know what to really say or do, or what he expected me to say or do. However, I put my hands up and said “Look I thought we were having a conversation, I didn’t think we were scoring points”. 

Then the atmosphere you could have cut with a knife I just was so surprised not because of the reaction as I have had this happen before but not from the person who had just done that as said I have had a high regard for them. I liked the way they were with people and welcomed me, but saw a completely different side to that person now, and still feel disappointed because now I feel I can’t have the easy going friendly conversations we had before. 

I hope that it was a one off thing and that it can be forgotten about but now I will be weary of speaking to this person again, as what if he decides to do that again. The thing is I hate game players or people who just change an innocent conversation into something completely different, just people they feel they can, it’s just no right, and for those out there who are game players, STOP IT because it is only you who will be hurt as no one will want to continue to speak to you, and the respect people have for those game players, goes completely down the drain and it is those game players that will end up as lonely people, as who would want to go near them. 

Many thanks for reading. 

Carrie X

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