Sunday Run

Went for a late run today around Epsom, and did a good distance, ran my favourite route which is College road around down Upper High Street to Epsom Town centre and then round up Ashley road up to Wormholt Road.

As I was running and turning into Ashley road there were these youngsters, couple of young boys and girls just hanging and standing there, for no reason chatting, being loud and making comments to everyone who went passed them. I don’t get why these youngsters or is it my age, just hang around the streets just standing their talking, there should be some young people clubs that they can go to, instead of just hanging around and I do feel this is intimidating as if they are about to cause trouble at any moment, and especially the girls they all look like they are casting for a role in TOWIE, with little miss ‘I am better than everyone’ attitude with the same hairstyles and clothes.

What I like about my friends and I we were never like that we all had our own individual style, and didn’t try to copying each other or anyone else. However there were girls in our school who did wear the same clothes and would show off just to impress the bigger girls, it seemed as if they had no individuality at all.

I like people who have a certain individual original style like Cyndi Lauper, Ellie Goulding, and Blondie, all different and all their own style that was suited to them, but appealed to others, as it shows originality and that they could think and choose for themselves.

I do look at clothes and fashions but I like to put my stamp on it, and what feels comfortable to me and that is the same with my friends we’ve never tried to imitate each other but be our own persons.

So I say stop the copying and put your stamp on you, your own style which shows of more than copying someone else.

Many thanks for reading.

Carrie X


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