My running update- My first official run up London


I thought being Friday and it has been a few weeks since my last post, I would give an update of my running. It has progressed a lot, and been building gradually and doing 2 shorts runs a week with one long run a week.

I was going to do a post about how to train when the weather is bad but you don’t want to run when the weather is unbearable and how to keep up your training, however haven’t managed to finish the post but will be completed fairly soon.

I managed to do my first official long run in London last Saturday since the birth of my son, as I was staying overnight up there anyway and then meet my husband later who was bringing my overnight bag with him. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was so nice to get back up there. Living in Epsom now is not so far away but now I have a little one it is not always easy to find the time to run up in London, so it was just such a nice break away from everyday and just let my legs do the talking.

I did walk in parts but ran most of the way, and the weather was good just right for running not unbearable cold, and warmed up pretty easily. I ran through Battersea Park, starting from Battersea Park Road, up to the Chelsea Bridge, and then over the bridge up the embankment until I got to Grosvenor road up to Claverton Street and then walked to Victoria Station.

It did get a little cold and windier as I carried on down the embankment until I turned off but still was comfortable. I wish I could have carried onto Vauxhall Bridge road but will aim to do that next time. I knew my legs were getting tired and did try to do a little more but when my legs feels like two lumps of lead then I stop.

I will definitely do that run again soon, I do love running in London as there are so many places to go and was just so nice to get back out there.

So I hope to report back on my training progress and will be posting next on how to prepare for running when it is cold, wet, windy and snowy.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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