How to keep up with your training when the weather is bad

Some people run outside in all weathers, but they are people whom may have been running for years, and only experience runners should run in poor weather climates, but if you wish to it is always best to do to your research first on what to wear especially on your feet and if it is snowy for example and icy you will have to wear snow grips at the bottom of your trainers, and if you are not used to these they can be hard to run in for the first time; I would go to a specialised shop first before buying so you can seek proper advice or speak to a personal trainer at your gym who specialises in running.

However if you don’t fancy running outside when the weather is bad but you don’t want your training to effected then there are other options of training you can do.

Now I could do the whole cliché thing and say join a gym as an obvious choice but as a lot of us are struck of cash and can not afford a gym membership then I am going to advise on how to workout at home.


Remember these words, above Prepare, Motivate Technic (P.M.T) similar initials to a certain behaviour you can have one your menstrual cycle arrives so should be easy to remember. I created this code wording when I first started getting into fitness, as these are the key things which are important to me to make sure I have a good training session, weather it be training at home, at a gym or outside.

Prepare: Always important to have the correct clothes even working out indoors, hair up, comfortable bra or sports bra, comfortable top, knickers and tracksuit bottoms. When training indoors I do workout in bare feet sometimes, just make sure your floors are clear, clean and tidy so you don’t step on a kids toy whilst you workout. All hazards out of the way. If you do wear trainers make sure they are the correct fit, are done up correctly you can test this by putting your thumb into between the tongue of the trainer and your foot, if you can get your thumb in between, it is fine, that is the correct tightness. Always wear comfortable socks.

Once you are prepared then start to warm up, this can be done by jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, skipping, circling the arms, neck shoulders, waist, hips and legs for 10 minutes whatever you choose to do. Or get a DVD workout and they will always have depending on the duration of the workouts will have a warm up exercise.

When you have warmed up then you can start your main workout. This can be easy if you don’t want to workout to a home workout DVD, then there are plenty on exercise programmes available on YouTube such as Boxer babe which is one I have posted about in a previous blog:”>

There are many others or do your own workout, and to find good workouts I began buying a fitness magazine called Women’s Fitness Magazine which had loads of workouts, and I now subscribe to on my tablet and I always use the workout snippets they have in there magazines to help me with my exercise:

These are great to get your motivated, and put your clothes as soon as you get up and have them beside your bed all times so you can pick up, put them on and start your training.
The one type I like to do regularly aswell as my workout DVD’s at home as I am no longer a member of a gym is do a home circuit workout. I do this by using my in home cross trainer, and heavier dumbbells than I use everyday, with leg and other arm exercises.

So what is circuit training?

It is basically doing a group of exercises and you can do this by doing the exercises within a certain amount of time, but you can do it in 1 to 3 sets depending on how many exercises you wish to do in one circuit. For example I do 5 minutes on cross trainer, then different leg exercises totalling to 100 repetitions but I break it down, 25 reps of knee raises, 25 kicks alternating or one leg at a time, then dumbbells and then arm raises, I do this is 3 times following same pattern ( totalling to 3 sets) once I do 1 set that is 1 circuit, and so once I have completed this 3 times I have done 3 circuits of training.

You don’t need any equipment to do circuit training you can do for example 30 seconds jogging on the spot, 30 second jogging on the spot again but this time circling the arms at the same time, 30 seconds jumping jacks, 30 seconds of arms circles and then repeat 2-3 times. You do it to your fitness level, never try to do too much too soon as this will blow you out and can destroy your motivation next time.

Workout to music: Following the same concept as the circuit training, but instead of doing same exercises over again, just go with the flow do what you want to do at that moment, to music can be just dancing or floor workout, work those abs, break it down so one day you work on top half of the body and then second day the bottom half, so you do exercises which helps the hips, waist, bottom and legs.

To do good cardio is basically raising that heart rate so you almost up to breathlessness, and a good way of doing this is aerobic exercises and jumping, skipping and sprinting on the spot is all good for a good cardiovascular workout.

So this leads me to technic, very important and is why you should before exercising look at the workouts on TV, there is a fitness channel on sky Channel 282, brilliant for ideas on a workout and will show you the correct technics, or on DVDs or in a fitness magazine, or join a fitness class. Technic is basically correct posture and positioning when doing workouts. Always make sure your back is straight, chest forward NO SLOUCHING, hold stomach in and when doing a lunge never put the knee in front of the toe.

I follow the same code wording P.M.T when I do running and walking aswell. This is to make sure you have a good workout without worrying about running the risk of an injury.

If you do feel any pain, dizziness or feeling of fainting then stop. Consult your GP if you have any health issues before exercising to make sure the workout you wish to do is right for you. This leads me to R.I.C.E for any time I do get a pain or feel unwell, this stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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