Weekly update

So since my last blog last week, I have decided that I would do a weekly update of my training every Friday.

Today I had entered to do the London 10K in July on the 13th, and looking forward to it.
I am not running for any particular charity but will donate all my sponsors to two charities which will be Tommy’s and the British Heart Foundation.

My training is going well, not able to do as much as what I have been doing this week due to a certain little man wanting extra attention, plus also the weather. However as my other half has been on early shifts I have been able to do my training once he is home after work at 5 O’clock, and I still do my dumbbells, squats, obliques and lunges in the morning too. I have mixed my training with running, circuit training, using my home workout DVD’s and working out to music doing various exercises.

The one exercise I would encourage if you do like to walk or go running, is balancing training, as the more balance you have the better your running will improve as you will be more sturdy on your feet as you kick off from the ground each time, to make those strides.

I have managed to run 3 times this week so far and hoping to go for my long run tomorrow depending on the weather as it has been so unpredictable, and windy and rainy.

Training in the winter can be a lot harder than in the summer because of the climates but you can get round at as mention in my last blog “How to keep up with your training when the weather is bad”, I have managed to still fit in 3 runs, because even if they aren’t for very long I know I have done something, because it is not always possible with the weather or if I do pick up an injury to do a long stretched run. Doing short runs are good because they help you recover from a long run, they are called “Recovery runs”, so you don’t run very far but you bring the muscles in your legs down and prepare them for the next run. Changing the pace of your runs are good too, step up for a couple of minutes and then bring it down; it helps because 1. Help strengthen your legs, along with hill running, 2. It will help adjust your muscles in your legs and this helps find your comfortable pace.

Comfortable pace: Finding the run where you can run for a long time, and not ache to much but still challenging the muscles in your legs and body.

I have managed to find different routes aswell, and as you do continue to run because it helps keep it interesting and some roads look flat but actually as you run you realise they go up slightly and that is a real challenge. I do also encourage to do the same routes alternating and us landmarks, bus stops, end of roads as a way of measuring your progress.

Example: I used the BP Garage at the bottom of my road. On the left of my road there is a foot path which leads to back of my road and if you go that way to the BP Garage it takes longer and I used this as my marker from the very beginning when I started running again. I used this to help me measure my progress with each run and I kept with this route and still do every 1 or 2 runs. This was because I knew once I was able to do the whole distance to the BP Garage without stopping to walk to that point my running was on the way up to where it was before. I have managed to do that whole strip without stopping now which if you walk it can appear to be a long way, and now I used this as my resting point, and then once passed continue on running up to the first entrance of Epsom Hospital and this is a tough bit as this is up hill.

On my long runs I use the pond in the local Park, or in London my aim is to run all the way from Battersea Park to Vauxhall Bridge, and once I have done that try and get to the next one, once I can get further up to or passed these points I know have progressed. I have used pedometers and running chips before, but they can be deceiving and can be inaccurate at times. Using landmarks or ends of roads, on how many times I have needed to stop to walk feels better, and gives me a great deal of encouragement for the next run.

Anyway time to go, as it is getting late. Everyone Happy Valentines Day and have a great weekend.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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