What to invest when go for a run outside in the cold

As you start exercising there are lots of lessons that you will learned as I did since I began getting into my exercise about 9 years ago. You will like we all have make mistakes but don’t dwell on it if you do, as sometimes these mistakes are there so you learn.

Before I began exercising I did seek personal advice from a Personal Trainer when I joined the gym and did read books and magazines too on exercise to help build my knowledge and I do think that this is important. The reason being it can help motivate you, helps you train safely to reduce injury and gives other tips to help progress your training safely also. The personal trainers and authors who write the books all started as beginners aswell and they will do help guide you through your training.

The one major factor for me to make sure I have a good training session whether it be indoors or outside is to wear good workout comfortable clothes. If you want to get into running outside, in all seasons (winter and summer) then it is important to  invest in different clothing for the change of the seasons, and no you don’t have to spend a fortune.

The main stores I usually go to when buying running and exercise clothes is Sports Direct, JD Sports and Amazon, and I do set a budget on how much I want to spend on each item too.

Here are a list of items that I recommend to invest in when running out in the cold,

Sports Bra: For all the ladies out there very important. The last thing you need when training is sore boobs especially post pregnancy as you’ve dealt with sore boobs when pregnant and when breastfeeding. I would advise to get fitted, as your boobs do change shape and size all the time or try on several to make sure it does not rise at the back and is comfortable around the cup area around your arms (not too tight) and sits comfortably around the area under the boobs. If you move too much it is too loose, if any part where you bra is fitted hurts, it’s too tight, so make sure it is comfortable, but at the same time secures you properly.

I bought 2 in Jan 14 for £29.99 from Mark and Spencers, and they are perfect or invest in the Shock Obsorber type, See picture below,

sports bra

This one is from Amazon.co.uk, click on picture to access link.

Running Base Layer thermal undershirt top: For tops in the winter, they are the best things invented as all you need is this on over your sports bra and another layer on top of the base layer. You can get a similar ones for the summer but it helps to keep you cool. They are made to help insulate your body but also they absorb the body heat when you sweat. I love mine and wore mine even when I used to run a football team, as they keep your whole top half lovely and warm, but are at the same time very light to wear. So you don’t have to run looking like a sumo wrestler because you have so many layers.

base layer topAvailable from Amazon please click on picture to access link.

Thermal comfortable underwear: Make sure there is no loose threading, or elastic coming away or that there are seams which could irritate your skin. I would also advise in wear a good comfortable pair of gloves.

Running jacket: If running in the evening or early morning when it is dark, you need to be seen for your safety so do wear bright colours more on the top half so you can be clearly seen. I don’t run in the evenings on unless I have jacket similar to the one in the picture below or my purple and pink training running fleece.

running jacketFor details of where to purchase this jacket please click on photo, which will take you to the link.

sports briefsFrom Amazon for £8.99 please click on link if you would like to see further details.

Running tights: again absolutely love mine and would not be without them, they are comfortable stay secure and some do come with a zip at the back if you need to put a house key and a few coins in there. They again are made to help feel light to wear but keep you covered and easy to run in.

 running tightsFrom Amazon, these are like the actual ones I have and I bought them 3 or so years ago, but the women’s version and they wash perfectly, just worth the money. To see page from where the running tights can be purchased please click on picture.

Running socks: To make sure you feel light on your feet and can take those comfortable easy strides whilst it is cold. Very important to look after your feet, as your legs and feet will be doing most of the work compared to the rest of the body. So investing in a good pair, reasonable priced pair of sports socks are essential.

sports running socksGreat investment and they help keep your feet cool and from getting wet, which is very helpful when there are loads of puddles on those pavements and paths. To access link please click on the photo above.

Running trainers: Made especially for running. Make sure they fit properly, best to try on with sports socks and when your feet are warm as remember your feet will be getting warmer and expanding as you run. This is why they need to allow your feet to breath, and if too tight that won’t be possible. If too loose can cause injury, so a method I learned is to use your thumb to measure, by using to see if you can get your thumb between your foot and the edge of trainer if you can, at the front, sides and back then it is a perfect fit.

Many thanks for reading and anybody also taking part in any charity running events I wish you the best of luck,

Carrie X

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