Weekly update on my fitness training

So since last my last post about my training, I did manage to run 4 times last week, but did my long run on Sunday instead of Saturday due to very unpredictable weather. I managed to find a new route. I ran through the foot path opposite the end of my road, over train bridge and then ran to Epsom town centre, then cut off, running through Epsom Court Rec to South Park Road.

I didn’t manage to run as far as I wanted to but legs after the last bit of running began to feel like blocks of wood so had to stop.  I do need to remember to warm up more before I do a long run. When you do run regularly you do start to pick up bad habits, and one is running as soon as you kick off, but then you do die of steam a lot more quickly, so when running further I do need to remember to walk the first part bit longer to warm up.

However I then on Monday did a recovery run, and then did some other training (my dumbbells, squats, oblique’s and lunges in the morning, then my home DVD’s and my circuit training) then had a rest on Wednesday evening and then continued on until today, and went for a quite a long run today. I nearly managed to run all the way round the pond in Rosebury park with a little bit of brief walking but a tree that had fallen was blocking the path, but then I walked on and then ran a bit further on pass the train station which was quite a distance. The run was very comfortable and felt a lot easier on the feet and having a gap in between runs whether it be 1 to 2 days does help because it allows your muscles and joints in the legs to recover and mend themselves before they are put under pressure again.

I have got a long way to go before I can run a longer distance to help me train for the London 10K but progressing well and getting stronger and further each time, so heading in the right direction.

I am will be posting in the week about what I advise to take on a short run and long runs, to help those who’ve just started running as it can be hard knowing what to take, do you need water all the time? what about keys and money?

I will answering all of these in my next blog on this page, so please look out for this; for now though just make sure you train safe and you do where the appropriate clothing when training outdoors. NEVER WHERE BLACK WHEN TRAINING OR RUNNING OUTSIDE AT NIGHT BECAUSE IF YOU ARE NOT SEEN YOU ARE CAUSING A HAZARD TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

Anyway thank you for reading and have a great weekend,

Carrie X

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