Looking forward to tomorrow

Looking forward to tomorrow as I am meeting up with my friends tomorrow for some lunch and I am also planning on going for a run around Hyde Park which is one of my favourite places to run and be able to do some trail running, which is good for your training due to the uneven and softer surface, and helps to make your legs work harder.

I have done 3 runs and some has been on tiny bits of grass, but mainly on pavement, which is fine but running on concrete can cause a lot of pressure and strain on your legs, so hence why doing some trail running is better, so going to try and do some tomorrow.

I have also been doing my DVDs but have also tried some new workouts. I tried a carnival dance workout on the fitness channel which is good for the hips but is very hard to follow at first, a Total Body Blitz workout again hard not for the beginner and done the Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning, hard but can be followed by a beginner but in small doses, but is a great one to do, and I am going to try and do this one at least once a week. It all about balancing and using your Abs to balance, which for running is a perfect workout, as mentioned before balancing and holding in your Abs, which helps with posture is all part of being a good runner and to helping with your training.


I have added this onto my wish list on Amazon as that will be one of the next workout DVD’s I will be purchasing and using, along with Total Body Blitz, as good for building the upper strength and helping also to tighten those Abs.


What I do for now I record the workout on Fitness channel, try it out and if I like it then I select to keep it, so I can still workout to the programme without having to buy first and use it again and again.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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