Finding the Time to Train

Hi and welcome back to my Sports and Fitness Passion page. I was posting about my fitness and love of sport on my other site for a bit 

However I felt it was too much on one site and because I have had this WordPress site for some time I didn’t want to let it go. So after evaluating and wanting a separate and special place for my love of keeping fit and active and sport I decided to use my Sports and Fitness Passion site again and put all my fitness and sports blogs back on here.

Starting off this blog again, the one question that I get asked when it comes to keeping fit and active, is, How Do I Find The Time?

It can be tricky with balancing going to work, looking after my son and my home.

The answer is I fit exercise around me, not the other way around. 


Planning your days, weeks and months does really help, and I even have a separate planner to plan my daily, weekly and monthly workouts.

It needs updating as the current way I was using is no longer working, but I still make time for fitness by setting it out even in my head and promising myself that I will do some weights even if it is for a solid 10 minutes, I will walk to work in the mornings, I walk back from my son’s Occupational therapy, which takes an hour and I run or workout at home after I drop Henry off to nursery.

If my hubby and I are both off, then I will usually plan a run, later in the day after the rush hour, and then do a run, making sure I end up in the park or in town to meet my husband so I can grab a well deserved coffee.


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Fitness shouldn’t be a chore but something you love. As soon as you treat it like it is a chore the motivation will go.

The questions to ask are,

  • What does exercise mean to you?
  • How will it change your life for the better?
  • Why do you want to exercise?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How can you go about achieving what you want to achieve?

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When answering you can have what is called a “Mental block” so try this exercise below to help you find the right answers:

  1. Best to do this standing up in front of a mirror
  2. Close your eyes and picture yourself as the image you dream of being, and that, that person is standing right in front of you on the opposite side of the mirror
  3. Visualise her hair, face, arms, chest, stomach, legs and her posture
  4. Is the image of your ideal self smiling, skin glowing, confident and happy
  5. What did she do to get there? creating your story of how you will achieve your dream self can really help set you on the right path
  6. From 1 to 10 how happy is she, and what did she do to achieve the results she has?
  7. Think about how you want to see yourself in 6 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. Do you still want to be wishing or doing?
  8. Now I want you to imagine stepping outside of your body and you turn to look at your current self, what is different about this image compared to the ideal self image?
  9. What could you change today that will change the way you feel for the rest of your life? What could you dispose of in your life that keeps dragging your down? and what will motivate you to achieve being the image of your ideal self?

Taking yourself out of you, can really help look at you and the why you often want to achieve results and keep fit, but don’t.

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Get to the knitty gritty,

  • What keeps holding your back? Face your fears. Are you worried about friends not wanting to be friends anymore because of the way you want to change? Are you worried that the romantic or sexual relationships you currently have will be effected?
  • What is that niggling feeling I keep getting that wants to workout?
  • How will looking like my ideal image make me feel?
  • What windows of time do I have free?
  • How can I work fitness around me?

Don’t rush the answers but decide today what you are going to do.

Looking deeper to why you have tried but failed in the passed and you often put it off and say “I don’t have the time” can help you keep you working out and make the time.

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Check out local classes and if you want to join a gym then do, but make sure you,

  • Budget, how much you are willing to spend
  • When would you go?
  • What could you do at the gym that you can’t at home?
  • Will you use all the equipment?
  • Check the Terms and Conditions, sometimes there are those hidden costs
  • Can I cancel at any time, or do I have to wait for a whole year from when I signed my membership to cancel? Is there a cancelling charge?
  • Will my membership increase each year?
  • How much will it cost me in petrol or in travelling on public transport to get there?
  • Will it be more cost effective to go to a local class or workout at home, will I lose motivation?
  • What will help me keep the momentum up and motivation to workout?
  • Do I feel happy to workout on my own or with a friend?
  • Can I really afford it? Will I get my money’s worth?

Always research to find the best deal and work it around you.

Will it suit your current lifestyle?

If you want to workout then work it around you, and then you will find those windows of time to do some exercise.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X






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