Going for 6 to 12

The new training I am doing now, is doing different repetitions of different exercises, breaking it down, into 3 sets of 12 x 2 equalling 24 altogether repetitions of leg raises, squats, jumps and lunges.

I do the same when using weights. Then do 3 sets of 12 x 1, 6 x 1 and sometimes 3 x 1. It is a great way to get an all body workout.

I love doing this, and even did this today, doing jumps and obliques. With Henry being so active and demanding, wanting to play all the time and be entertained it can be tricky to fit in, but I do it. Even if it is doing just two exercises, and today he even copied me.

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I have even started to do this on the treadmill. Doing 12 minute runs, but increasing the intensity of my running to a higher speed, and increasing the time I run, each time.

Measuring the difference you feel is good to do it in 6 to 12. So check your BMI and weight before you begin training, then 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks. etc.

It isn’t always about how long you work out for but how much you put into the workout that can make all the difference.

Remember when training outside this time of the year, as it is getting dark early and you working out early morning or late evening to where visual clothes, so people can easily see you especially vehicles on the road.

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