Training in the cold

As we get into the colder weather I find it a shock to the system, especially in the mornings and I have been all snuggled up in bed.

I really have to push myself to get myself out of bed and start my day, so there is no chance of me exercising just yet.

However once my house is warmed up and toasty then I will think about doing some training.

Training in the cold is hard, so what I tend to do is watch a Youtube video for motivation and then start to walk around the house to get warmed up.

Walking outside is hard in this weather but knowing I have to do it, to get some son to school, I make myself do some walking, because at least I have done some cardio for the day. I see people jogging and I find it hard to run in this weather, but I did little running this morning on the way to school, which my son enjoyed to, and I did feel better.

I always make sure I am wrapped up and have my gloves on, and a good warm jacket or coat. With walking I find I can layer up a lot more, and then reduce the layers as I walk, so I usually make sure I have rucksack on my back just in case.

Put on your gloves if needed, I used to wear a scarf, hat and jacket when running, so definitely going to do the same even if it just a brisk bit of walking.

I then reward myself afterwards with a nice hot drink, and a bite to eat.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X







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