On The Road To Recovery #Walkingfit #Runningfit

On Monday I had my diabetic review, and I will admit I was a little nervous, because you hope and pray it will be okay, but you never know what they might find.

Having #type2diabetes is not fun and can really have some serious health implications if you aren’t careful, so it is important to get it under control, by eating more healthy and being more active. I know it not an easy thing and I still go for the biscuits especially when I’m peed off or I feel myself getting agitated, but knowing the triggers now which I discovered yesterday as my son didn’t have the best day at school, I will learn to get this under control, and only eat when I am hungry, not eat for the sake of it.

I do find that having fuller but healthier meals that I am not snacking so much and will make the effort to have more fruit and vegetables into my diet. Plus eating too much bread can effect me too, as I can feel bloated and often get indigestion, so I have cut down on this too.

Learning about what our bodies like and doesn’t is a good way to start making changes, our bodies are clever machines and will often let us know if we are deficient in something or if something didn’t digest very well or make use feel good. I don’t mean deprive

yourself, but if you feel unwell, bloated, have chronic indigestion, suffer with migraines or any other type of medical issue, then sometimes it can be caused by the things we eat.

Keeping a diary of the food you eat is a good way to help see how much you have had, as cutting down on portion sizes can help, what you ate if you have any health effects as listed above, how many calories you consumed, if you need to add anything to your diet that would make you feel better, I mean healthy, and if you are having too much of something. Perhaps you do need to cut something out and swap it for an alternative option.

Now the good news! I am on the road to recovery, my diabetes has gone down, so has my cholesterol levels and my liver is in good shape again and when they do the review at the doctors they also check your feet, and these were tested to be fine aswell. It must be from #walkingfit and #runningfit,plus cutting down on portions and eating a better diet.

My image from yesterday’s run of Southwark Bridge in London 

I still have some way to go before I reach my fitness and healthy peak again, but I am making good progress, and yesterday I completed my fourth run/walk, as I alternate between the two (trying to run more walk less) and I got to say I am starting to feel a little more comfortable now. My legs still are hurting but stretching and working out indoors,doing some strength training on my arms and legs, is really helping me get back to where I was.


I almost found my comfortable stride again and was able to push on a bit further than my first 3 runs. What I am learning is when running and walking or any fitness training for that matter is not to think too much about it, but allow your legs and body do the talking. Your body will tell you when it is time to stop and lower the intensity and when it is time to up the tempo again, and when it is tired.

I didn’t beat myself up this time if I couldn’t go any further with my running, and this really helped me feel more comfortable as I just allowed my legs and took in my surroundings. I decided this week to run along the #southbanklondon. #runninginlondon.

I love this view of St Paul’s Cathedral and couldn’t resist taking this image yesterday whilst on my run

This time round I only stopped the once during my walk/run, this was after I had completed to sessions of running during this weeks training and on my way back. I decided to go as far as #southwarkbridge and I always give myself to 11am to complete my run because I like to meet my mum for lunch afterwards and this gives me enough time to go and meet her, plus I have to get back in time to do the school run.

Doing the school run each day during the week has had its benefits aswell, and I was very anxious when I first did the school run, but now I really enjoy it, as I have found it really gives me and my son a bit of more bonding time, watching the planes and the buses go by and it encourages me to keep walking, as often I will carrying on and walk through the park and into town, and back home again.

I do enjoy running along the #riverthames and I picked a really good day again, been lucky so far with the weather on my runs, I hope that this can continue. It was a little breezy but this just stirred me on to keep going, to keep me warm.

I feel I wrapped up too much. Will make note to oneself, not to wear scarf until it gets really cold as this did bother me a little due to itching. From knowledge the less distractions you can have when working out the better. Not always easy especially when you have 5 year old hanging around your ankles, but my running and walking time has become my weekly and daily ritual, as its my time out from parenting and really helps get in touch with the world and myself.

The one problem about running that way in London at the moment is the chaos that the climate protesters are causing. It was like walking around an assort course yesterday, and there were a lot of people, so do bear this in mind when you run around London at the moment. Especially around the southbank and Westminster area, pretty chaotic. Thanks guys you climate nuisances.

I would run the southbank in the morning during the week as during the weekend it can get very busy, and avoid this area when running if you are like me like a long straight run without having to weave in and out of people, is during the Halloween period, summer holidays, half terms and Christmas time.

It was also #mentalhealthday too yesterday, and thinking about this having had a mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, fitness has helped me with balancing my mind and thoughts aswell, to kick my mental health into shape.

So with eating better and working out regularly I can only recommend it highly because it has really made a difference to my #healthandwellbeing

Lets see how the weeks continue and I really hope my fitness continues to improve. I really am enjoying my working outs, running once a week, and doing my indoor training on a Friday morning and Sunday morning with stretching each day too.

Please get in contact with me about your training too as I really like to hear other people’s stories about getting fit and working out. It really helps inspire me and also what are your favourite running routes in London?

You can leave a comment below.

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The steps I covered yesterday were 23,091 which includes running, 16.49km.

Lets continue to get fit and see you next time

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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