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HELLO AND WELCOME TO BLOGMAS DAY 5! Boy is it going fast, but so far I have really enjoyed it. If you haven’t yet seen or read my other blogmas posts then please visit my main site which will have all of them there linked on the HOME Page:

So in this blog I am sharing some tips on Training Out of your Normal routine at Christmas, because like a lot of holidays throughout the year especially if you have children it can change and you no longer have the mornings to yourself like you would when they are at school, and the same for Christmas holidays.
So how do you still do any training?

  • Take a break if it helps whilst you get your Christmas bits and pieces together:

Well I used to have a break from exercise and running at one time around November through to December and would start again on Christmas day and it became a new tradition of mine to do a Christmas morning run and the same on Boxing Day. Then from there I would start my training each week once again until the following year and then do the same.

The one thing you can do and you may not believe this but it is true, that you can still burn off calories by running around getting all your Christmas things together and not realise. Doing household chores can help you sweat like you would when doing star jumps or lunges, so don’t if you need to take a break from doing running or aerobics, over Christmas to start again in the New Year when things return to normal then do it.

Do extra errands that will help you get ahead of yourself for Christmas instead.


  • Create a Christmas Routine:

Planning ahead really can help and do like you would when kids are at school do a Christmas block schedule. If you are not familiar with the block schedule system then please check out this video below by this wonderful woman Jordan Paige. She is well and truly inspiring.

This will help make you see if there are gaps in your Christmas schedule and create a routine around this, that will let you have some free time to yourself to do a bit of exercise even if it is doing some Yoga. There are some great 10 minute workouts on Youtube that are great, here is one below that I tried and added some of these exercises to my own workout too. This is also why they are great,they can help you to create your own quick heart pumping workout as I often get stuck as to what to do next as it can get boring doing the same exercises all the time,

It is good to mix it up a notch

  • Get your kids in involved:

So if you can’t have some free time to do any exercising by yourself then don’t be feared because my son for example will often exercise with me. When my husband and I would go out, I would put on my running gear and my husband would push Henry in his pushchair whilst I ran on ahead.

When I would run along the river I often saw parents running whilst their kids were on their bikes and scooters.

Do a Christmas leisurely stroll. We will often on Christmas Day rather than being stuck indoors all day go for a walk and take Henry to the park which is open all year round.

As a kid we all including my aunties and uncles and cousins would often go up into Central London to walk through Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens,

Walking is still exercise and whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning and cooking breakfast use this time. I often whilst I am doing dinner do some leg raises and some stretching, doing squats whilst you are dusting and dance whilst you are pushing the mop on the floor.

Some may think this is funny and daft but,

Trust me give it a try and you’ll be surprised of how many exercises you can do around the house and you find your kids like my son does, copy so they are getting their exercise in too.

  • Use TV time during the day to do some exercise

When the kids are happily playing with their toys, your guests are watching TV in the living room, before dinner and why not pop upstairs or in a bedroom even if you have a little amount of space and do some exercises like jogging on the spot, doing arm circles and press ups. Again it may sound daft but honestly you can be surprised once you get into it how much workout you can do once you have a quiet moment. If you are worried about being hot and sweaty after this, then hide your workout clothes under your normal clothes. Example: put your workout top underneath your jumper and a pair of leggings which I live in most days and strip off to change into another pair and then go to the bathroom to freshen up and then change into your Christmas clothes again. Have your workout clothes already laid out on your bed ready if you don’t want to wear them underneath other clothes. This is where having a routine for Christmas too and planning ahead can really help.

  • Delegate Christmas chores and jobs

I would always help lay the table at Christmas and prepare the dinner table and so you can get people to help you look to whilst you do some training

I will always encourage Henry like I do now to make his own bed and learn to cook and Henry be looked after by my husband for a bit whilst I do some training and then I do the same for him.

Guests will usually ask if they can help, so instead of refusing take them up on it and give them a glass of wine and something to nibble on as an extra offering and then whisk yourself away.


So that is it for this blog and I hope this has helped should you get stuck about doing some training over Christmas and just enjoy the season as much as you can. It’s about everyone enjoying the day and that includes you too.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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