Just have to keep going and use what motivates you. BLOGMAS DAY 19!

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 18.

It can be a great time of year to over indulge, however you still can lower your portions sizes and still be able to stick to a diet regime.

As I have type 2 diabetes I have to control my weight. I still go for the biscuits but I have gradually cut down on crisps because we don’t buy them anymore. This is the key and has been the best thing my husband and I decided to do. I do like to use my slower cooker and I want to have more controlled diet.

There is always those impulses to buy sugary snacks, but many things like bottled drinks or yogurts that appear to be healthy aren’t.

Its not easy I’m not going lie because there are times I don’t want to do any training or eat unhealthy food but I have to, if I want to feel better about myself.

I am still walking a lot and running but I have had a few health problems this week. It happens and I am still going to keep going and so can you.

I found when I started running in September tough, where I did not want to continue. You just have to keep going.

That’s life but I have found that consistency and if I keep being motivated, and keep trying to run each week and workout indoors. Getting up at 5:30am has been hit and miss but I know in myself that I will do it.

So I hope if you like to or are also trying to get back to fitness and you also are doing it or lose weight or for other reasons, then how have you found it and what helps you keep going and motivates you?

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Many thanks,

Carrie x

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