Getting fit and looking after yourself in the winter

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I love writing these types of blogs and as I write that sentence I realised I have just wrote the same for my other two posts I did today. If you wanna check these out then follow the links below:

However it is true. I love keeping active even if it is a walk around the shops, which many people don’t see it as exercise, but it is and still a form of cardio.

As a child who has had a hole in my heart since I was born, the doctor who I saw at Brompton hospital, said that is up to me now to look after my heart, and having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago, really was my worse news that I could have received. It was bought on by a psychosis medication, as I was in a very bad way, and so was taken off that medication and was suicidal at the time too, which I don’t mind talking about as I know I am not on my own in feeling this way.

I was put on a different medication, and in my opinion these medications do not work, because when I was moved onto aripiprazole, it made me more anxious then I already was, had terrible anxiety and felt lethargic just like I did on Olanzapine which was my psychosis medication I was moved off from.

Keeping fit during the winter, do wear layers and a good investment is a running vest, which can be worn for walking aswell as running, and then you don’t have to put on too many layers, as once you begin walking or running you’ll be surprised of how much you still sweat.

You can also get specialised bottoms too, and underwear.

Winter Running bottoms from Amazon, and there are many in different styles, colours and sizes.

If you go out when it is dark, make sure you put on visual clothing so you are seen when running across roads and to cyclists too. The amount of times I have seen someone cycling wearing all black clothes when it is dark, and this is so dangerous, when cycling in parks, where also pedestrians will be walking and on roads.

I know some don’t because they think it makes them look silly, but honestly they are made to keep your safe and if you get knocked off, then who’s silly?

I recently purchased some new walking footwear, which are these and I am going to do a Amazon haul soon to feature these, and will be on my blog site Carries Everyday Living.

You want footwear that is well fitted, and if you are willing to have running trainers or walking shoes made to measure and personalised to you, then you can, but you can often tell instantly when you put on a trainer or shoe if they are going to hurt, and do the thumb method to check if they are going to let your feet breath, by putting a thumb between your foot in the trainer at the top where the tongue of the shoes is Then do the same at the back of your foot with your foot in the trainer, and if your thumb fits in both areas, then it is a well fitted walking and running shoe for you.

I always like to wear a fleece but check at the back on the colour as some can rub at the back of your neck. I also like to invest in a good bright coloured jacket too, and woolly that.

Running Waterproof jacket with zips rom amazon.

When buying a running jacket the one thing I like it to have is zipped up pockets, to keep my mobile phone in, a small bit of change and house keys. I do like to have a bumbag, but only when I travel into London to do a walk or run.

29 Motivational Workout Quotes | Reach Fitness Goals | Openfit

So lets get fit, stay safe by making ourselves seen when training out doors and enjoy.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Why sports will be effected by another lockdown.

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This year has been very different to our usual years. No Olympics, no Wimbledon tennis, no crowds at football and I see the lockdown is gonna hit sports team in a way that it hasn’t before.


There are no spectators and that is money that sports clubs rely on a lot, because they don’t just buy a ticket, they will buy food aswell along with merchandise. Plus yes what I like to do is purchase a programme as to me that is memorabilia and alcohol.

Will it Get better?

I am not sure but I do see rugby, football, hockey, tennis, athletics and more, going under as there is no advertising of sponsors either and that will have a massive impact.

Okay on their shirts but if football for example stops again, then what? Who is gonna bale clubs out?

I am worried being a sports fan and hope things do get better but I have also discovered that there are other things going on in sports too. Yes bullying, sexual harrasement and child abuse.


A kid looks up at professional sportsmen and women so why destroy that ?

You should be proud of the role you play within sport. Not just those that take part, but the whole thing.

I do see sports clubs needing extra money from somewhere, and be doing catch up trying get back the money they have lost.

This also means youth teams being effected and being stopped altogether sadly because of money and yes other issues. Supporters live and die for their clubs they support and I was one of those too.

So let’s see what happens and what changes will occur. I do pray that it will go back to normal but who knows. Life is unpredictable at times including the sporting world too.

Have a great day.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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How to deal with setbacks in your exercise routine

The No BS Guide to Building Lean Muscle

So this week I have had a set back, because of my Menstrual cycle, as it does effect me a lot when keeping up with my exercise, check a post I did in relation to this:

Training through your Menstrual Cycle

So how to deal with setbacks in your in your exercise routine?

  1. Take a break if you need to for that week, and then make a plan to get back into it again the week after once you have more energy.
  2. Do short spurts of exercise rather than long periods of time, and just up the intensity so you still break out into a sweat.
  3. Try pilates or yoga, that involves training laying down on an exercise mat. You will be surprised of how these two forms of exercise can still help to tone your body.
  4. Be flexible with your exercise. So don’t set your routine in stone, as there will be events that can throw the plan out of the window, but schedule your training as the weeks again arrives, as like myself who has a son, things can crop up that effect my training, so being flexible so you plan your exercise on other days, where initially you hadn’t planned to do any training.
  5. Create a playlist that can give you a boost of energy to do some exercise. I always create playlists using Youtube and it is great as you can add to them as you wish to, without spending a dime in doing so.
  6. Try meditation, as this can really help get in touch with your body and your breathing, if you don’t feel like exercising.
  7. Always reward yourself when you have completed an exercise session, as this can really build up your energy to continue.
  8. Try setting yourself a 30 day challenge, check out this video which has details of how to do that.
  9. Check out Pinterest on workout ideas that you can do quickly rather than a long training session:
  10. Remember exercise is about enjoyment and can be done at a slow path rather than quick one, so just do what your body feels like doing and pick it up once you have more energy.

So if you have any tips on what to do when you have setbacks when exercising, then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Looking after your health

19 Workout Picture Library Walking Fitness Huge Freebie - Exercise ...

Since the Pandemic struck I think we have all been thinking about our health a lot more and kept ourselves safe from the Coronovirus and done self isolation.

Getting fit in these times can be tricky as there still aren’t many gyms open and you may feel a little self conscious about training outdoors or at home if you have flatmates.

This is why I like walking because it is effortless and can do as much as you like, when you like and has really helped me build my fitness once again. Looking after your health is the key. Nevermind losing weight, think about your health.

Never try to do too much too soon and build your fitness gradually. This honestly is the best way to go, and keep note of what exercise you are doing, as it helps monitor your progress and helps give you energy to keep going.

This week I have struggled because of my menstrual cycle and I wrote a blog about Training during your Menstrual Cycle and so I have had to do short amount of walking this week because as soon as I do any movement, sorry if this is TMI, but I know I am not the only one, I bleed quite heavily.

Yesterday I did a quick 10 minute workout on Youtube that I have often used, check it out:

10:21 / 10:30

Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit

I really love these sorts of workouts.

Every bit counts so just do your best and write your fitness goals, including how you wish you health would improve. My enemy at the moment is sugar and so I don’t take sugar in hot drinks anymore, I have been drinking more water and have tried foods which are gluten and dairy free, to see if this helps.

Anyway, lets just keep going and trying to do our best to stay fit and look after our health.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Walking or running in different weathers

Proper Running Form | How to Run

Walking has become my favourite thing again and really helps me keep fit. As far as I am concerned walking is the easiest thing to do, but if you want to crack it up a notch then start adding some running.

I don’t want to think about my running days to be over, because I still would like to get back to that level of fitness. There was a time where I would run endlessly for ages without needing to stop and up until last year I was starting to get back to that, but then I hit a knock in the road, so to speak and stopped again.

Walking or running in different weathers can have an effect on your training, because when training when it is super hot, you can fatigue a lot quicker and dehydrate. When running in cold weathers it can be a lot harder to get going, because when it super cold you can feel like staying in bed and indoors, rather than pounding the pavements.

So to overcome the different weathers I would when it super hot, train when it is cooler, so in the mornings or the evenings. and when it super cold, get yourself warmed indoors first before going outdoors, and try training in the day time where it will tend to be warmer.

I remember a couple of summers a go when I was really getting into my running going out of the house to do a run at about 4am in the morning, and I loved it, because it was nice a cool and no one was around, and I felt I had the pavements and park to myself, of course this was when it would be light early.

I do see runners running when it is super hot and that is ok if your body is used to it, but if it isn’t then my advice is to work towards doing this slowly if you are new to running, when walking it can still be hard work too when it is super hot, but not over bearing and I like walking when the sun it shining. I just make sure that I walk some of the time if I can in the shade so it doesn’t get to hard.

In the winter the best time to run or walk is during the day as it is often the warmest time and you do have to be careful when the pavements and parks get frosty, because of slipping. Take extra care when running in snow and get grips put on your trainers, that can help, and don’t over do it with the layering as you can still warm up very quickly and make sure you are wearing running and walking thermal vests to help keep you warm enough.

In the winter take a jacket or even tin foil with you, because when your body starts to cool down you can start to feel the cold, and make sure you stretch and cool down properly afterwards, because from experience your body can stiffen.

The temperature yesterday when walking through one of my favourite parks Battersea Park, it was just the right temperature, as it was still warm but not too much so I could walk with light clothing on and still be warm, but cooler.

Anyway, I wish you all a good Sunday and I will be back with another blog as of Thursday.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Training during your Menstrual cycle

Free Images Of Exercise, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...Sometimes being on my period, and I don’t mind talking about this because let’s face it, as women we all get it at some point, so why not talk about it because if you are like me, I can on some days be heavy (I mean losing a lot of blood) it can really have an effect on my weekly exercise.

To work around your period always mark it down so you can sort your exercise in your schedule around your most heavier days. If you find your bleeding a lot when running or walking, then perhaps do some light weight training, such as floor work. This is because from experience when I am laying down it controls the bleeding a lot more rather than standing, so I will do some leg raises, crunches that really help take your mind off the stomach cramps you can get during your period, and weight training, so you are toning the upper body.

Once you go back to have a lighter days then you can continue to do more cardio work, such as running or walking.

When doing a half or a full marathon, take some tampons, menstrual cup or sanitary towels with you, because in the passed when I have done these  types of events I have bled afterwards. I know by reading about this, there are some people who say that exercise can’t effect your period, and some say it does, well in my case it did.

I have never used Tampons or a menstrual cup, and have always used towels, but do what works for you and make sure you have them on you should you start to bleed, as you can get spotting.

Spotting is basically little specs of blood, but not a full period.

I have also found that when I am on my period my energy levels can be effected so when I feel like this, I will do some light or short walking, or rest until my energy levels increase again.

The other symptom I get when I am on my period is, even though I have showered, I can get really bad B.O armpits, and there is nothing worse, so what I will do is get some freshening wipes, take some travel size body spray and a roll on, so I can use these through out the day too prevent this.

Always listen to your body and never over do it, and do the best you can.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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What I take with me on walks

Example of what I carry in my bumbag when walking. You can’t see my phone as I am using it to take the picture but I hope this gives you some idea of what I take with me. 

It is really up to you what you take, it all depends on where you are walking (so if there are toilet facilities on the route and place to get refreshments) and how long for.

The things I would recommend you invest in are,

  • An over the shoulder bag or bumbag
  • A Rucksack, and I have recently bought a new one which has little pockets each side so I can put drinks either side of it.
  • Ice packs if you are carrying cold food that needs to be kept chilled and other drinks like cans and cartons of juice. Also if you get the bagged like ones you can use these for any sprains caused, and to help your feet to recover on a long distance walk
  • Suncream. Honestly even when it appears to be breezy, I would wear it, because you can still burn and can be deceiving. You don’t want to end up being sore and uncomfortable, and you do have to protect your skin for health reasons
  • Fully charged mobile just in case you are lost or have had an accident and need medical help
  • Debit/credit card and loose change, in case there are stores or a kiosk along the way, should you need to restock on drinks and snacks
  • An empty carrier bag or a foldable bag that can be folded down into a purse and then pulled out if you want to change your shoes, as you may decide to change in a pair of flip flops rather than trainers, but just make sure that they are just as comfortable. If it is uneven ground though I would advise to stick with your trainers

Before you plan to do a walk and what you will need, always check the weather beforehand. If there is risk of rain then you will need to pack a umbrella and waterproofs.

If you are on your period then take some Tampons, a menstrual cup or Sanitary Towels.

Should you be quite heavy on your period and you are worried about needing the toilet check before your walk where there are some in case you need to use them.

So lets get up and get going and have a great rest of Sunday until tomorrow when it is Monday once again.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Getting fit whilst the gyms are still closed

With the lockdown I think many of us have put on some weight, I know I have and so started a few weeks back now into getting back into shape and burning off the pounds.

Getting fit whilst the gyms are still closed is a easier than you think, and I have seen many people take advantage of being outdoors again and getting fit by cycling, running or walking and even skipping in the park or in their gardens.

You do not need from my experience a fancy pair of trainers, and you can pick up some good ones from stores such as Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Primark and Sports Direct.

I would invest in a bumbag or a good lightweight rucksack, especially if you do long distance running or walking, and you can safely take your personal belongings with you, making sure there are places along the way where you can grab a drink if you don’t want to carry one with you.

Take your Pilates mat in the garden and using exercises from a fitness magazine can be good or follow one on Youtube. There are loads of workouts on Youtube and I often will use them to help me keep fit.

Check out this one I always go back to and I enjoy:

If you have Sky then checkout the Fitness channel. I often used this channel to follow workouts when I had sky and the good thing about this is you can record them and save them in your Sky planner.

There are some great workout DVD’s from amazon, and see link below:

Check out Davina McCall’s workout DVD’s as they are brilliant and I always buy them when she brings out a new workout DVD each year, as they are really good and easy to follow.

Even if you don’t want to follow a workout on Youtube, the fitness channel or a DVD they are great way to get ideas and then develop your own workout, as I do a mixture of resistance, strength, pilates and yoga, and try to workout my whole body.

I of course if you haven’t seen my Instagram account (see below) do a lot of walking and try to do 20,000 or more a steps a week and so far have been reaching my target:

It is all about doing what you enjoy and moving around, but remember in the heat to wear sunscreen, have a hat so your head doesn’t get hot and drink plenty of liquids so you don’t get dehydrated.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X











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Having Rest days or when you just don’t have the energy

Fatigue Clip Art, Transparent PNG Clipart Images Free Download ...

Hello and welcome to a new Sports and Fitness coaching blog.

So this weekend because I felt somewhat whacked out, decided to have a rest day, because I did a lot of walking through the week and so feel a bit wiped out.

I am planning to do a bit of walking and training indoors today but I am also tempted to go back to bed and listen to some music.

Having rest days are important because you do have to allow your body to recover, but minimise them as with myself if I take more than two days off, I am likely to take the rest of the week off, so I discipline myself and allow myself a day where I can rest and recuperate, watch a bit of Youtube, do a wordsearch, play on my phone or  watch a film.

When you just don’t have the energy, then you can lack enthusiasm and if you really don’t want to do any exercise then don’t, but create a schedule to fit it into your life when you do have the energy again.

Create yourself a vision board to help gain motivation and listen to some motivational videos on Youtube, as there are some brilliant ones that really help boost your adrenaline to exercise, you just need to get into that mindset again, that makes you get up and do a workout.

As the one of the supermarket adverts say, “Every little helps” and it sure does.

So have that well earned rest and then when your ready get out there and get fit.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



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Fitness Hacks that will save you time and money

Exercise Clip Art - ClipartBarn

Hello and welcome to my blog site Sports and Fitness coaching.

Here are some fitness hacks that will save you time and money:

  1. If you don’t have a fitness mat, then use a bath towel instead. Just make sure you lay it flat and the floor you are going to use it on is clean and free of clutter
  2. Train barefoot. I often will indoors train barefoot, rather than training with socks or trainers on, as I find with wooden flooring particular there isn’t much of a grip but there is when training barefoot, and if you are going to a sandy beach and running then it is great to do a run barefoot, just be careful of rocks and clutter on the floor. Keep area clean to prevent any injuries from occurring
  3. Have mat, weights and exercise clothes already laid out, if your bedroom is big enough beside your bed or in living room, and get up and put your fitness clothes on straight away before you feel like not doing any and before you change your mind
  4. When going swimming already have your swimming costume on underneath your non swimming clothes so all you need to do is strip off, lock items in a locker and be ready to have a swim
  5. Buy a phone cover with a card holder inside. I love having this in my phone so when I do my walking outside I am not carrying too much and have all my cards with me, and sometimes have the odd bit of cash just in case the store I may go into afterwards doesn’t take card
  6. If you don’t have a pedometer then download a health APP on your phone, which is completely free and will measure your daily step count. You can also share it on your social media accounts to help keep track of the number of steps you do. I love mine and use it daily
  7. Download the 7 minute workout APP, I do like these APPs and have used it on all my phones I have had to help me exercise even if it is for 7 minutes it still counts
  8. Use google calendar to schedule your daily fitness training. I use google calendar all the time and its great because you can take it and check it wherever you go and again is completely free to use
  9. Take a skipping rope with you and skip in the garden, indoors or in the park. I often used to do this when I first began to keep fit, and I often see a bloke do this in my local park in Wimbledon and is a great way to stay fit and exercise your arms and legs
  10. Buy fitness clothes with zipped pockets as they are great for holding your phone and keys especially if you are a runner, and you can also take a little bit of money if you want to pick up a bottle of water on the way. I always look for zipped pockets on fitness clothes as they are a lifesaver

If you have any further tips then please do share below, and if you would like to read more of my blogs on this site then please follow me via, for updates.

When training outdoors remember suncream especially if training during the day when the weather can be extremely hot and stay hydrated at all times.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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