Fitness Goals for 2020

Hello and welcome to a new blog.

I am sharing My Fitness Goals for 2020.

Goal 1# Build up the strength in my legs and upper body

Goal 2# Do short sprinted runs every day

Goal 3# Continue with mixing running and walking once a week

Goal 4# Do Pilates once a week

Goal 5# Aim to run 5km once a week then build up to twice a week

I would encourage goal setting for your fitness and remember even 5 to 10 minutes of high intensity workouts are just as good, and then once you get into your training you can then build up to doing longer stretches of exercise.


Main focus

The aim for me is to build up my strength and be toned, increase my fitness and to set an example to my followers, to help them too succeed in fitness training.

I want to be super fit to help coach others and be a role model to those that are younger than me.



To be toned and to have a high level of fitness and to keep my blood sugar level down to help my health and wellbeing.



For me fitness has been part of my life because of my health and being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes was scary because I knew and know I have to look after myself correctly and training every day for 30 to 1 hour will benefit me in the long run.

I have Congenital heart disease which means that if I am not careful called end up with heart strain and so looking after my heart is also highly important.




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Football coaching

Since the age of 11 all I wanted to do was coach football, yes I enjoyed playing but my dream was to coach.

Football for me is a great sport because you can learn so much, such as team building, communication, decision making and you have to be physically fit.

With Football Coaching it is the most rewarding experience you can do. Seeing those kids faces light up when they play and score is out of this world.

When coaching give encouragement and rather than criticize and ask questions, this will help make them think and learn what they need to do, and learn as they play.

You do want kids to enjoy the game, but at the same time remember it is sport and if they do want to play professional football when they get older then they do have to learn different ways to play the game, and learn which style suits them.

Teach them about the 4 corner flag which is a new style of coaching introduced to help adapt to different types of players, check out #FALearning.

When doing a session always have two sessions A and B, and make sure they keep warmed up at all times and have them be prepared for all weathers.

Never allow players to dictate but reward each player equally and never over promise.

Speak to parents and players directly and introduce yourself to them, and be approachable at all times, making sure their safety and security comes first.

If another person who has been DBS checked including a parent wants to help and get involved take them up on  it. Coaching on your own can be hard work and it helps the players as you can focus on them rather than collecting subs for example or looking after the substituted players on the side lines when playing a game.

Be precise and keep each session simple at first then progress, by adding a defender for example, having small sided games and then do some shooting practice by having a mini penalty shoot out.

So if you would like to football coach then do get involved and remember to enjoy it too and learn as you coach.

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Just have to keep going and use what motivates you. BLOGMAS DAY 19!

Hello and welcome to blogmas day 18.

It can be a great time of year to over indulge, however you still can lower your portions sizes and still be able to stick to a diet regime.

As I have type 2 diabetes I have to control my weight. I still go for the biscuits but I have gradually cut down on crisps because we don’t buy them anymore. This is the key and has been the best thing my husband and I decided to do. I do like to use my slower cooker and I want to have more controlled diet.

There is always those impulses to buy sugary snacks, but many things like bottled drinks or yogurts that appear to be healthy aren’t.

Its not easy I’m not going lie because there are times I don’t want to do any training or eat unhealthy food but I have to, if I want to feel better about myself.

I am still walking a lot and running but I have had a few health problems this week. It happens and I am still going to keep going and so can you.

I found when I started running in September tough, where I did not want to continue. You just have to keep going.

That’s life but I have found that consistency and if I keep being motivated, and keep trying to run each week and workout indoors. Getting up at 5:30am has been hit and miss but I know in myself that I will do it.

So I hope if you like to or are also trying to get back to fitness and you also are doing it or lose weight or for other reasons, then how have you found it and what helps you keep going and motivates you?

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Carrie x

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Training out of your normal routine at Christmas/ Blogmas day 5!

toned father christmass

HELLO AND WELCOME TO BLOGMAS DAY 5! Boy is it going fast, but so far I have really enjoyed it. If you haven’t yet seen or read my other blogmas posts then please visit my main site which will have all of them there linked on the HOME Page:

So in this blog I am sharing some tips on Training Out of your Normal routine at Christmas, because like a lot of holidays throughout the year especially if you have children it can change and you no longer have the mornings to yourself like you would when they are at school, and the same for Christmas holidays.
So how do you still do any training?

  • Take a break if it helps whilst you get your Christmas bits and pieces together:

Well I used to have a break from exercise and running at one time around November through to December and would start again on Christmas day and it became a new tradition of mine to do a Christmas morning run and the same on Boxing Day. Then from there I would start my training each week once again until the following year and then do the same.

The one thing you can do and you may not believe this but it is true, that you can still burn off calories by running around getting all your Christmas things together and not realise. Doing household chores can help you sweat like you would when doing star jumps or lunges, so don’t if you need to take a break from doing running or aerobics, over Christmas to start again in the New Year when things return to normal then do it.

Do extra errands that will help you get ahead of yourself for Christmas instead.


  • Create a Christmas Routine:

Planning ahead really can help and do like you would when kids are at school do a Christmas block schedule. If you are not familiar with the block schedule system then please check out this video below by this wonderful woman Jordan Paige. She is well and truly inspiring.

This will help make you see if there are gaps in your Christmas schedule and create a routine around this, that will let you have some free time to yourself to do a bit of exercise even if it is doing some Yoga. There are some great 10 minute workouts on Youtube that are great, here is one below that I tried and added some of these exercises to my own workout too. This is also why they are great,they can help you to create your own quick heart pumping workout as I often get stuck as to what to do next as it can get boring doing the same exercises all the time,

It is good to mix it up a notch

  • Get your kids in involved:

So if you can’t have some free time to do any exercising by yourself then don’t be feared because my son for example will often exercise with me. When my husband and I would go out, I would put on my running gear and my husband would push Henry in his pushchair whilst I ran on ahead.

When I would run along the river I often saw parents running whilst their kids were on their bikes and scooters.

Do a Christmas leisurely stroll. We will often on Christmas Day rather than being stuck indoors all day go for a walk and take Henry to the park which is open all year round.

As a kid we all including my aunties and uncles and cousins would often go up into Central London to walk through Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens,

Walking is still exercise and whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning and cooking breakfast use this time. I often whilst I am doing dinner do some leg raises and some stretching, doing squats whilst you are dusting and dance whilst you are pushing the mop on the floor.

Some may think this is funny and daft but,

Trust me give it a try and you’ll be surprised of how many exercises you can do around the house and you find your kids like my son does, copy so they are getting their exercise in too.

  • Use TV time during the day to do some exercise

When the kids are happily playing with their toys, your guests are watching TV in the living room, before dinner and why not pop upstairs or in a bedroom even if you have a little amount of space and do some exercises like jogging on the spot, doing arm circles and press ups. Again it may sound daft but honestly you can be surprised once you get into it how much workout you can do once you have a quiet moment. If you are worried about being hot and sweaty after this, then hide your workout clothes under your normal clothes. Example: put your workout top underneath your jumper and a pair of leggings which I live in most days and strip off to change into another pair and then go to the bathroom to freshen up and then change into your Christmas clothes again. Have your workout clothes already laid out on your bed ready if you don’t want to wear them underneath other clothes. This is where having a routine for Christmas too and planning ahead can really help.

  • Delegate Christmas chores and jobs

I would always help lay the table at Christmas and prepare the dinner table and so you can get people to help you look to whilst you do some training

I will always encourage Henry like I do now to make his own bed and learn to cook and Henry be looked after by my husband for a bit whilst I do some training and then I do the same for him.

Guests will usually ask if they can help, so instead of refusing take them up on it and give them a glass of wine and something to nibble on as an extra offering and then whisk yourself away.


So that is it for this blog and I hope this has helped should you get stuck about doing some training over Christmas and just enjoy the season as much as you can. It’s about everyone enjoying the day and that includes you too.

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Blogmas is here! So more fitness and sports blogs to come

Blogmas is here 2019

Hi all! Yes I am doing Blogmas this year, posting everyday from tomorrow the 1st December to 25th December (Christmas Day) either on this site or my others below:

So I will be posting more about my fitness, in fact I did do a home workout this morning very early so feel good for doing that, there are days like the week just gone where I have been completely wiped out and tired, but still managed to do my steps most days. However I will be posting blogs on how to still workout, out of your normal routine and getting fit over Christmas.

Anyway got to be getting on as my husband wants to pop into town and my son wants a chocolate muffin.

So better get on with my day!

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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When training in the cold/what I would like to invest in/Stay safe

Its been a few weeks since my last post on this site, its been hectic with half term, birthdays and this weekend we have family staying for the weekend. However I have kept it up with my exercise and training and managing to train more frequently each week.

I now have been running 1 to 2 times a week, including doing a early Sunday Run. I love that my Sunday runs are back. I didn’t do one last Sunday as I was working, but I am going to do a run tomorrow and on Sunday this weekend.

I have been setting my alarm half an hour earlier in the week, about 5:30 to get up to do some training on some days and yesterday I managed to fit in two workouts indoors yesterday.

When training in the cold, I find getting a room warmed up really helps motivate me rather than a cold room, but obviously when running outside that isn’t always possible so I tend to run as much as I can to warm myself up and to help to strengthen and build the fitness in my legs as much as I can, and I have managed now going on my last runs I have done to run for a longer stretch than before, before needing to walk again.

What I usually wear my baseball cap, my purple and pink vest, my yellow bra, but would like a sports bra, as these are better, one of my pink running/workout jackets, with sometimes a fleece underneath, a scarf, a pair of good comfortable socks, and my running trainers.

One of my running jackets bought from House of Fraser 

I would always recommend in, investing in a good pair of running shoes, because I find I do run better with these and I do wear these for walking too, but you can get actual walking (long distance) footwear too.

I like to have a running/workout jacket because they don’t make you too warm, which is what you want, because as you do warm up and your body begins to sweat you can often want to strip off if you are too warm, but these keep I find insulated better, but enough for it to stay on and has zips so you can easily take your house keys for example, phone and anything else like an Oyster card if you are travelling to the start of your running route first.

Bum bags are great and I love mine. I always wear mine when travelling up to London, but when running local I don’t need it, so its good to have a jacket and you can even get running bottoms with zips too.

What I take with my when running up London in my bumbag. This was bought from Boots. 

The one thing that is important when training this time of year is to stay safe. I try if I can to run when it is light outside and in the mornings I start running from the moment it becomes light outside or later in the morning if I can.

I haven’t done a run up London these last few weeks but around my local area in Surrey, through the Common, our local park and recreation ground, but doing different routes instead of the same helps keep me stay focused and motivated.

I have begun because I do find I run better begun to since doing a run through Wimbledon Park is listening to music via my headphones and mobile whilst running, but again I only do this when it is light outside and there are other people around. I would never do this when running in the dark, because you do need to be more aware of your surroundings. The item I will be investing in again is a running vest for the cold weather because these are brilliant and worth the money.

I want a good woolly hat and gloves and a sports scarf rather than a normal fancy scarf which I am using in the mean time, but don’t want to keep doing this because sweat can often after certain amount of uses cause clothing to become worn quickly and smell.

The other thing I do to stay safe is to wear bright coloured clothing because even if it is daylight but foggy or misty it can effect people’s site and so to help fellow runners, walkers and vehicles when running across roads, I can still be easily seen.

In my opinion, as much as it is good to exercise, you have to be sensible and think about other people when training outdoors. I have often seen cyclists for example, jumping lights, wearing dark clothing, no helmet or bright coloured clothing at all, and not even using the cycle lanes provided, and I think that this is so ignorant and selfish, aswell as dangerous.

You have to respect other people as you would expect like to be respected yourself, and it helps everyone who uses the pavements and roads life a lot easier when we take care of ourselves and think about them too.

The other item I would like is a better pouch to put my phone in whilst running, because I find a lot that when putting it in my pocket it accidentally gets turned off or I have put the music on pause, so want a better storage option to prevent this from happening, and a thick pair of running bottoms. I had a pair before which I did throw away because I did have it in my head for a bit that I wouldn’t run again, but when I did run I had worn them a lot, because they do last a long time and do keep you warm.

I saw a report through a Whatsapp group yesterday that I have with other mums who’s children are in the same class as Henry (my son), really great and would recommend if you are a mum and have school children too, to create a group or join, as it is a great way to be kept up to date with school events and holidays, was that there is a man apparently in the local area attacking women and has made me be more vigilant about my running routes and that is not to run down any alleyways especially when it is dark or through commons or parks, as like in our area there is often no lights in these places and always run especially when it is dark on well lite areas and busy high street roads.

At the same time I am not going to allow such imbecile to stop me from running, because I feel why should I? Nevertheless I want to create less temptation or potential risk from increasing and stay as safe as possible.

If this means going the long way round then so be it, least you’ll get more of a workout this way.

So I am going to keep going as much as possible and will try and post more frequently again on this site from this point forward, and so see you then.

Stay safe and if an area looks dodgy or you feel uncomfortable going that way then don’t. Be aware and if someone does look suspicious or you do feel threatened by someone whilst running outside or training outdoors then do report it. 

If you have other tips on training in the cold and staying safe or would like to share what items you would like to have for your running or any training you do, then please leave a comment below.

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Carrie X

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One Step At A Time/Taking small steps towards achieving my #fitnessgoals

If there was a pill


Image result for quotes about goal setting

We would all like, if truth were told be super duper fit without the hard work of getting up early to do our exercise and stay in bed instead.. If there was a pill we could take that would make us healthier, give us the bodies we desire we would take it.

I have realised since I have been into fitness even before I took a bit of a back step and a break from it, is that there is no quick fix or a pill that can suddenly change your body or your health. It does come down to putting in the time and energy to do it.

With fitness making small steps towards your goals, which I do believe in setting as the point of wanting to exercise is to get a result that will lead to you feeling better about yourself and to be your ideal weight.

I don’t believe in heading for perfection, because no one in this world is perfect! You can trust me on that one! Small steps are just as important as making bigger steps. It is all about at first for me is getting myself fitter and my legs working again, whether it be strengthening exercises at home, running or walking, so they will eventually be able to work harder without aching, losing balance and move faster.

Setting a focus point on each area you wish to exercise and tone or strengthen more is setting a goal.

I find breaking down your exercise as you move into the weeks, so one day walking, another running and walking, the next strengthening and the next abs, etc, to be more effective rather than to do the whole lot in one go.


Goals and Targets 

Continuing on about goals theme, focus points and targets, I find them really important because;

  • It creates a focus and an aim for each area you wish to work on, and you can break each goal bit by bit

-One example, which is one of my goals as I continue to do my runs each week 1:

I want to work on finding my comfortable stride again by slowing down, be in control of my breathing and working through the pain.

Be precise about it.


The other could be: 

I want to run this route and reach up to that corner of the park.

It can be anything. They are your goals so set how you want to, but keep in mind that less is often more, and creating smaller goals will help yo towards bigger ones. 

  • Helps towards better habits and creates rituals.

I talk a lot about habits, rituals, goal setting and being more productive on my other WordPress site:

As it really helps with your mindset, which then leads to a better wellbeing. This is the same when setting fitness goals. We all want to feel that we can accomplish things in our lives whether it is work related, fitness or being a parent, we all want to see a good positive result.

Setting goals allows us to do that, and have the result we want at the end of it.

Having a focus point keeps us from stirring off the wrong road, it gets us up in the morning and get dressed, brush our teeth and get on with our day.

There is nothing more I like when having a workout is having a glass of water, then a cup of tea or coffee (decaf), a bit of mindfulness time and take a shower. That for me is a good habit, because it is my ritual. I need to keep hydrated for energy, I need to be in the moment to recover from working out my body and get clean. Who wants to be hot and sweaty for the rest of the day?

  • The more goals you achieve the more endorphin’s you get. 

As we tick off our goals the more we feel good as at last we are getting what we have set out to do, which is to feel healthier, look slimmer (if that is one of your aims) and to be ready to achieve the next goal.

Goals last forever, and I set goals for myself in all areas of my life on a regular basis and daily. A “To do list” is for me, more or less a goals list, why? because the task for example is to, dust the living room, goal: to have a cleaner and nice smelling living space. That is a goal.

If you see “To do lists” as goals, the more chance you are at getting them done. It works honestly. Well does for me, so worth giving it a try. This is the same with fitness, every time you set yourself a plan to workout in the week and you do, that is a goal.

Everything we do, even when we aren’t aware of it is a goal that we are setting for ourselves. This can be in our heads or on paper. When you say I really want to buy that magazine because you like the articles and stories, and there is a celebrity in there who you wish to be like, that is setting yourself a goal, because that magazine has a purpose to you, because of something or someone, which you wish to be like and you can use that to build yourself and your fitness.

I often buy magazines about fitness because they help inspire me to keep me focused on getting fitter, and that is a goal. I wanted to buy that magazine to feel good and inspired and to feed my hunger to make me feel good. That is a goal.

Image result for people writing to do lists free images


What to put on a to do list:

Create goals that you know in your heart that you can truly achieve, for today, tomorrow, in a week, in a month, in 6 months or up to 12 months.

Go as far as you wish.

You can even as said above set them as you go through your day and a “To do list” as stated is more or less a goals list, because we all want a result at the end of it, that is the point of it all.

What I find and helps me to be more productive, is to brain dump all your to do’s on your list first in any order, such as your fitness goals for the day or week, then break them up.

If you feel you need a bit of help with your fitness, so have a personal trainer or join a gym, then go for it. Put that on your to do’s, and yes that is a goal. There are gyms such as The Gym Group and Pure Gym, where you don’t have to take out a full years contract, but you can pay month to month, or with Pure Gym you can buy a day or weekly pass. Or there are some local parks where there are free gyms aswell. See link below:

Do consider if you are like me walking or running outdoors the weather and so if you don’t have different clothes for the weathers, then I would add this to your to do’s list. The reason being I don’t like working out when cold, so I do make sure I have a thermal running vest and thinker bottoms,a good running jacket ideally with zipped up pockets, a good hat for the winter and a pair of gloves. Plus I always wear my bumbag.

Add in different workouts as you go and one of my to do’s is to keep checking out videos on Youtube and on other social media sites, of people working out, to help give me ideas and inspiration, to grow and to build on my workouts.

It’s about taking One Step At a Time and taking small steps to achieving my fitness goals.


Dealing with your inner voice 

Dealing with your inner voice in my head telling me “Don’t bother running today, just do some walking instead” is something I have to deal with every time I am on my way to do my run and during.

This inner voice can take control and stop you from doing your planned workout, if you let it. It can prevent you from achieving your goals and divert you to take an extra day off of rest, when really you know that you will feel better afterwards.

As soon as that voice starts to speak I literally shut it down immediately with “No I am going to do this no matter how tough it may be, I want to do it and I will do” and I in my mind I clap my hands and it stops.

Who do you want to be in charge? You or that inner voice?

Think about the after feelings rather than the ones you feel right now, with that inner voice that’s trying to talk you out of it and how you are going to feel. Let those thoughts come through, because the more we avoid the inner voice the louder it will speak.

However once you learn to listen and take control of this, the more you won’t allow it to affect you from achieving your daily and weekly fitness goals.

Keep a journal and you don’t have to post this every day. I like writing these posts because it helps me and you, keep tabs on my training. Keeping a record is a great way to look back and see how far you have come.


Feeling disheartened

On my 5th run/walk I did last week through Hyde Park in London, I started to feel a little disheartened because once again I found it really tough again. More than last week. I tried working through the pain and really tried to push through but my legs had other ideas and I had to stop.

Again the inner voice started telling me that perhaps I should give up and just do walking, but I was like “No I don’t want to” so I carried on, and whenever I felt like running again I did, and as I continued it did become easier.

I felt really disheartened to the fact I still couldn’t run for very long, not like I used to before I stopped and even put a post up on Instagram, about it too, where I basically said:


In #hydepark again doing another #run is it getting better? No idea I feel that there is a bit of progression quite small but taking small steps are just as good as taking big steps. At least I’m doing something so I tell myself but wish I had an engine in my legs to run longer sometimes. Still good to get out and be moving. Staying indoors all the time just makes the days feel less clear. HAPPY DAYS!

In thinking about this and I hope this doesn’t detour you from wanting to keep fit, but want to be honest, is that often you have to get through the tough runs and workouts, for it to eventually get better, and in thinking more about this,

isn’t that what life is all about?

I have to admit to myself that it not going to all be plain sailing and it is going to be tough, its been a year and a half since I did any and it does take time, but I do feel there is progress, because now when I walk I don’t get the pains at the back of my legs a lot now and is beginning to wear off, so that is one thing, plus I am getting nearer to finding my comfortable stride again.

When you feel disheartened, stop, take a break and reflect, then go again. Doing this really helps me keep going, and I kept doing my run over my cut of point, if you read my previous blog On The Road To Recovery #Walkingfit #Runningfit 

Of when I stop my running to go and meet my mum, who I usually meet for lunch afterwards. My cut off point is usually 11am.



Total steps:24,905

KM: 17.78

Kcal: 541


I still did it and that is the main thing out of all of this 

When it comes down to it all for me at the moment and is my main goal, is getting it done and completed, as I see it is another step forward to achieving my other goals.

I know if I don’t do it, it will make me feel worse and then I go through the mode of thinking “I’ve go to catch up” which in turn can destroy my  momentum to carry on. So even if it is a short workout, walk or run, or I wasn’t able to run as much as planned, the main thing is I still got up and did it.

As I continue it will if I keep adding and building my fitness, come at some point where I can run further on without tiring so quickly again.

It is all about perseverance and taking each training session as they come, helping you achieve your #fitnessgoals.

Please let me know about your fitness and how its going? I love to share and read other peoples stories as sharing is inspiring. You can leave a comment below.

To keep up to date on my blog posts on this site, you can follow me on by clicking below, and I also write blogs on these sites too:

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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On The Road To Recovery #Walkingfit #Runningfit

On Monday I had my diabetic review, and I will admit I was a little nervous, because you hope and pray it will be okay, but you never know what they might find.

Having #type2diabetes is not fun and can really have some serious health implications if you aren’t careful, so it is important to get it under control, by eating more healthy and being more active. I know it not an easy thing and I still go for the biscuits especially when I’m peed off or I feel myself getting agitated, but knowing the triggers now which I discovered yesterday as my son didn’t have the best day at school, I will learn to get this under control, and only eat when I am hungry, not eat for the sake of it.

I do find that having fuller but healthier meals that I am not snacking so much and will make the effort to have more fruit and vegetables into my diet. Plus eating too much bread can effect me too, as I can feel bloated and often get indigestion, so I have cut down on this too.

Learning about what our bodies like and doesn’t is a good way to start making changes, our bodies are clever machines and will often let us know if we are deficient in something or if something didn’t digest very well or make use feel good. I don’t mean deprive

yourself, but if you feel unwell, bloated, have chronic indigestion, suffer with migraines or any other type of medical issue, then sometimes it can be caused by the things we eat.

Keeping a diary of the food you eat is a good way to help see how much you have had, as cutting down on portion sizes can help, what you ate if you have any health effects as listed above, how many calories you consumed, if you need to add anything to your diet that would make you feel better, I mean healthy, and if you are having too much of something. Perhaps you do need to cut something out and swap it for an alternative option.

Now the good news! I am on the road to recovery, my diabetes has gone down, so has my cholesterol levels and my liver is in good shape again and when they do the review at the doctors they also check your feet, and these were tested to be fine aswell. It must be from #walkingfit and #runningfit,plus cutting down on portions and eating a better diet.

My image from yesterday’s run of Southwark Bridge in London 

I still have some way to go before I reach my fitness and healthy peak again, but I am making good progress, and yesterday I completed my fourth run/walk, as I alternate between the two (trying to run more walk less) and I got to say I am starting to feel a little more comfortable now. My legs still are hurting but stretching and working out indoors,doing some strength training on my arms and legs, is really helping me get back to where I was.


I almost found my comfortable stride again and was able to push on a bit further than my first 3 runs. What I am learning is when running and walking or any fitness training for that matter is not to think too much about it, but allow your legs and body do the talking. Your body will tell you when it is time to stop and lower the intensity and when it is time to up the tempo again, and when it is tired.

I didn’t beat myself up this time if I couldn’t go any further with my running, and this really helped me feel more comfortable as I just allowed my legs and took in my surroundings. I decided this week to run along the #southbanklondon. #runninginlondon.

I love this view of St Paul’s Cathedral and couldn’t resist taking this image yesterday whilst on my run

This time round I only stopped the once during my walk/run, this was after I had completed to sessions of running during this weeks training and on my way back. I decided to go as far as #southwarkbridge and I always give myself to 11am to complete my run because I like to meet my mum for lunch afterwards and this gives me enough time to go and meet her, plus I have to get back in time to do the school run.

Doing the school run each day during the week has had its benefits aswell, and I was very anxious when I first did the school run, but now I really enjoy it, as I have found it really gives me and my son a bit of more bonding time, watching the planes and the buses go by and it encourages me to keep walking, as often I will carrying on and walk through the park and into town, and back home again.

I do enjoy running along the #riverthames and I picked a really good day again, been lucky so far with the weather on my runs, I hope that this can continue. It was a little breezy but this just stirred me on to keep going, to keep me warm.

I feel I wrapped up too much. Will make note to oneself, not to wear scarf until it gets really cold as this did bother me a little due to itching. From knowledge the less distractions you can have when working out the better. Not always easy especially when you have 5 year old hanging around your ankles, but my running and walking time has become my weekly and daily ritual, as its my time out from parenting and really helps get in touch with the world and myself.

The one problem about running that way in London at the moment is the chaos that the climate protesters are causing. It was like walking around an assort course yesterday, and there were a lot of people, so do bear this in mind when you run around London at the moment. Especially around the southbank and Westminster area, pretty chaotic. Thanks guys you climate nuisances.

I would run the southbank in the morning during the week as during the weekend it can get very busy, and avoid this area when running if you are like me like a long straight run without having to weave in and out of people, is during the Halloween period, summer holidays, half terms and Christmas time.

It was also #mentalhealthday too yesterday, and thinking about this having had a mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, fitness has helped me with balancing my mind and thoughts aswell, to kick my mental health into shape.

So with eating better and working out regularly I can only recommend it highly because it has really made a difference to my #healthandwellbeing

Lets see how the weeks continue and I really hope my fitness continues to improve. I really am enjoying my working outs, running once a week, and doing my indoor training on a Friday morning and Sunday morning with stretching each day too.

Please get in contact with me about your training too as I really like to hear other people’s stories about getting fit and working out. It really helps inspire me and also what are your favourite running routes in London?

You can leave a comment below.

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The steps I covered yesterday were 23,091 which includes running, 16.49km.

Lets continue to get fit and see you next time

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Working through the pain

This Monday, the one just gone 30th September 2019, I started the week with another run, this time through Battersea Park, then continued with some walking up to Westminster to meet my mum for lunch. This was my third one since I got back into fitness, (please see my first two previous blogs, Getting back to fitness and Completed another run).

With my third run I had ran, working through the pain, which I keep getting at the back of my legs, it hurts more on at the back of my left leg at the bottom, and I did, and as I kept running the pain did start to ease off. I definitely saw progression in my run this time. I didn’t feel like I had hit a full stop like I did in my second run last week.

Picture of one the entrances to Battersea Park where I did my third run

It was my first bit of good running especially the last bit of my run since I had returned to running and felt like I was moving forward, instead of taking a few steps back. Stretching my legs and joints in the week leading up to my third run definitely helped, with some strength training aswell.

So far this week I haven’t done any stretching, so I am going to focus on that in the next 3 to 4 days leading up to next week, where I hopefully get to do 4th run.

Running once a week is definitely enough for me at the moment,and feel that I need to allow my body to adjust gradually instead of throwing myself into it, to the point I run myself out of steam.

Inside Battersea Park and my even though my legs were aching and hurting I was able to work through it and power on through

Planning my run as we approach each week is helping my motivation even though I do hear the voice in my head talking me out of it, as I get closer to doing my runs, but I say no, and power on through. It does take a lot of discipline, but once you get yourself into a routine it does really help.

I did include walking too, as I still not able to run without running in between, but that will come in time.  The total number of steps completed with running was 21,580, this included doing the school run there and back, walking from school to Epsom station and back once returned and from meeting my mum to Victoria station too. This completed 15.41km burning 491 calories.

I am really enjoying my Sunday morning indoor training sessions aswell. The first Sunday I did this, I only did 10 minutes of just weights (using dumbbells) and stretching, my arms, obliques and legs.

This Sunday, the one just gone, I did weights, stretching the arms, obliques, legs, some   leg raises and squats. Again going to add more as I continue on, but gradually. I also did some training at home last Friday too, and gonna do the same this week aswell. I am going to try stretching 3-4 times a week, doing just stretching on 2 of those days, and do a full body workout, with stretching twice a week aswell.

Walking along the River through Battersea Park heading towards Chelsea Bridge. I love running and walking along the River it gives me a sense of peace.

Mixing up my workouts and changing it to adapt to how I feel at the time as I continue to workout is for me the greatest way to keep my fitness regime going.

Working out isn’t always easy because as human beings we do get tired and we have busy schedules and sitting on the sofa all day is very tempting at times, however having Type 2 Diabetes I know for my health I need to step up and take action, and only I can do it, no one else can do it for me.

“So yes it does mean working through the pain, but at the end of the day is it worth it?”

Yes, because I know it will benefit me not just for my health but for my wellbeing aswell.

“As they say no pain no gain”.

I will post again next week to let you know how I am getting on further and if I have seen any more progression.

This is not to gloat or make anyone feel bad but to inspire to show that if I can get fit so can you.

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I would love to hear your story and how you have gotten back into fitness? If you have started running again or new to running, please tell me, I would love to hear, and how you keep yourself going? Please leave a comment below.

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Carrie X

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Completed Another Run

Yes I am very pleased with myself that I completed another run, even though a little disappointed in myself for not doing as much as I wanted, but still did as much as my legs could take.

Image result for Free images people running

I kept getting pains in the back of my legs, my left leg mainly and was excruciating at one point. If anyone has any advice they can give me, of how I can overcome this please feel free to share.

I was also disappointed because before I gave up running for a while I was at the point where I could run very comfortably for a long time without needing to stop, and feel that I have let myself down because of that, and would have been doing even longer distances now if I had kept it up.

Promised to one self

Never let myself down like that again, and keep it going as much as possible, because now it is more or less, starting the build up to get the strength back in my legs to do longer distances all over again, and it is a real struggle.

The one area I am pleased about is that I wasn’t out of breath, which is good and glad that still remains. It helps me see that I do still have some level of fitness back in me and I just got to keep it going.

What I didn’t run I made up with walking. I completed another load of steps including running. To be exact it was 24,416 steps. That brings me to the other thing I will try not to do, walk less run more. I ran through Hyde Park again, as I needed to go to Primark near Marble Arch and then meet my mum at 12 for lunch before heading back to Epsom, to pick my son up from school, but walking from home to school, then from school to the train station and from Victoria Station to Hyde Park is a lot of walking beforehand, before I have even started running.

So next I am going to run through Battersea Park, so it is less of a walk from the bus stop to the park at least, and see if this makes a difference and see if I can run for a lot longer, and in the mean time find exercises that will help build the strength in my legs again, and get rid of the pain I keep getting at the back of my legs.

I, going on the weather today I am glad I chose yesterday to do my run, as no way would I have gotten a good run in this treacherous weather.

So I hope your training is going well and please share how your running is getting on I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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Please check out my previous blog if you have read it called “Getting back to fitness”.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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