Getting my fitness Mojo back

Library of people walking towards stock png files ▻▻▻ Clipart ...I am sitting at the computer at almost 10pm to write about getting my fitness mojo back, when all I can think about is how modern technology can be a complete arsehole.

It was so good to do some walking today even though it did rain on my first walk I did this morning, to the fact that I couldn’t wait to get back out there again.

I was going to do some running but I just can’t get into the mindset to do any yet, and feel that I am not ready to do any running again, so I have decided to make do with walking.

I needed to walk off the cobwebs from the day before, as it had been a very bad day, apart from when I got 5 minutes to myself and sat in the park whilst I drank my cold iced latte that was disgusting.

Twice yesterday my computer decided to crash and close itself down yesterday and just now whilst watching Not Going Out on Dave, the signal went.

I so wish that there was such things like magic rather than modern technology, because I just want to click my fingers and I wouldn’t have a pile of washing on the floor but was already washed and cleaned just by a click of the finger.

No point giving it the finger because that’s not going to clean the clothes to be washed is it so I have to make do with how things stand now and I just hope the washing machines washes the clothes with no disasters.

Swearing at modern technology however mad it sends you has no benefits as the only person to get wound up about it is you.

I am so glad I am not the woman who’s on everyone’s satnav otherwise I would be arch enemy number one, and getting sworn at on a daily basis.

I used to get such abuse when working in a call centre so god forbid what it be like to be that woman getting non stop abuse by people when all she is doing is giving directions.

Plus with my no sense of direction, I would send everyone around the bend so it is for safety reasons that I am not.

Anyway I am just glad that I don’t have my lovely 6 year old to contain with today and have some time to myself however much I love him. Parenting takes its toll too, and so today was a much better day, to the fact that I am looking forward to doing some more walking and fitness training tomorrow aswell.

It is good that I have got my energy back to do some training and I hope by doing so will help me lower my weight gain, as I am not happy with the way I look at the moment, so it is in great need to be taken care of once again.

I have battled with my weight for most of my life and I try not to let it get me down, but it does, so I hope by walking again and measuring my steps again will help make me feel good about myself again.

If you don’t want to know about how many steps I did today then look away now, but if you do want to know it was 11,382. Please don’t tell me to f’ off, and feel bad, it is just to prove that it can be done, just doing a bit a day can make all the difference.

Anyway I am going to work some more and then rest for the evening.

Please stay safe and many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Back at it and footballs back

turn a set back into a come back

Hello and welcome to another blog on my Sports and Fitness coaching blog. 

So I have since last Tuesday got back into my fitness training, and trying to do a bit each day, even if it is some walking outdoors.

I am doing a mixture of weights, leg workouts and obliques and it is good to be back at it again. Sometimes taking a break can help your body recuperate and when you do get back into it again, can make you be pleased to be back exercising again, as you see the benefits of it more.

I was going to do a run on Sunday but I left it to late, but in the end I just did some walking as I hadn’t slept well the night before, as was up most of the night, and you should never do any training if your body is not physically up to it.

Sometimes you have to listen to your body rather than forcing yourself to do some.

This weekend the football returned after being off for so long due to the Covid19 outbreak, and even though there are no crowds like before it is still good to see it back on our screens.

I bought myself some new gear for my training, which always gives me the energy to do some training, and bought a couple of tops from TK Maxx and were only £7.99 each, so a bargain if I may say so myself.

Here they are in the picture below.

I don’t like to spend over a tenner for fitness tops and often will buy second hand, but as the charity shops aren’t open at the moment, had a look in TKMaxx who often have some great low priced items along with Sports Direct or Amazon.

So lets see how I progress and I will keep you posted as I continue on getting back into my fitness during this Pandemic we are going through still.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Not working out

Hi and welcome to another sports and fitness coaching blog post.

So since I wrote my last fitness blog I haven’t really done any working out at all. I know it is so lazy but having such a short space of time it has not been possible, but once Henry does full days at school again it will be.

Is it good to take time off?

Sometimes I feel it is, because you do have to allow your body to recharge and be in the right mindset to do any, which I haven’t and I have only had short spells of time which I use to write my books and blogs.

I like to spend the afternoons with my son so we have that 1 to 1 interaction.

What I am going to begin to do is use my weekends to workout even if it for 10 minutes  or so least it will be something.

Finding the time when you are working parent can be tricky but you find a way.

I say use what time you have and work exercise around your lifestyle not  the other way around.

If you have stairs in your house use these as part of your exercise just make sure all is clear as you don’t want to be tripping over a toy left on the stairs.

Free Tripping Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...

Do this for all places you wish to workout, especially if you working out barefooted.

Invest in a workout mat. I love mine in fact I will be at some point grabbing this to workout at my home in Wimbledon.

When training at home I would invest in a set of dumbbells as these are great to keep on you and leave them in a room that I use a lot. In sight in mind.

Working out at home doesn’t need to be hard graft in fact some workouts when I do, I take my time. It’s not about racing your workouts but benefiting from them.

So take care and stay safe.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Watching old football matches

Hello and happy Wednesday, we are halfway through the week and the other day I was flicking through the TV guide and came across an old football match Man United against Arsenal, and I watched the whole of the first half, well practically.

I knew it was a old one because they had Andy Gray who is one of my favourite Pundits commentating and Phil Neville was playing, so it was quite an old one, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

Ronaldo who I did think was a bit of show off then, dominated the right hand side of the pitch and reminded me of what a great footballer he really is, because he literally played most of that game with the ball to his feet, it just the other plays couldn’t keep up with him.

What I love about old football is the lack of diving as this is one of my pet hates, I do not like this being in the game, especially in the British game, and even I moaned when many Chelsea Players would do that, as it wastes so much time.

Of course there was no VAR so it all was judged by the referee, and I got to say Roy Keane took no prisoners when he played and would take you out if you had the ball, and many of the free kicks and bookings were harsh because he did go for the ball at the same time, and could you imagine if the old Leeds players got booked, they were known to be rough team same as the old Wimbledon FC team, there’d be no one left on the pitch.

Football is a different game today, and many of it very commercialized, hence why I started to follow lower league football, because that old passion is still there. I am dying to go back to Craven Cottage again where Fulham FC play. I was a steward there during season 1996-97, and absolutely loved it.

Me and one of my friends would also even after I stopped stewarding went to watch Fulham FC, when Chelsea FC played away.

Fulham FC is a brilliant ground to go to and is a much better layout compared to Chelsea as they have built underneath and around the ground, that there is no chance of overcrowding or anything.

What I also loved about the old football is the songs. I do love a football song and this is my favourite. The World In Motion where glorious John Barnes did his famous rap.

So if you too like watching old football matches then get in touch I’d love to know which matches you liked by commenting below.

Please remember to follow me via for news updates of my blogs posted on this site.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Workout Clipart Gym Cartoon

Hello and welcome to another Sports and fitness coaching blog.

In this post I am giving My Ten Fitness Tips.

  1. Use fitness as long life time change not a short term or just for the new year
  2. Change your diet and do a food swap each day or week
  3. Workout to music. I find this instantly gets me moving, even if is dancing around the living room
  4. Plan your workouts and work them around your lifestyle, don’t work around exercise
  5. Have a variety of workout programmes to keep your energy to a workout on high
  6. Set yourself targets and goals every time you plan a workout
  7. Lay your fitness gear beside your bed so you can put it straight on as soon as you get up in the morning
  8. Have purpose. So this could be setting up a 5KM Walk or run, or work towards a dress you have been meaning to get into
  9. Increase your workout gradually not all at once, as this can destroy your energy and enthusiasm if not
  10. Set a time and put it into your schedule

If you have any further tips then please share, by commenting below.

You can follow this blog to keep up to date with my posts and I will post again next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Keeping fit during Lockdown

Free Chair Exercising Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...

I have to admit the Lockdown is taking its toll and to be honest getting pretty fed up with it. I know we have to follow precautions but Boris Johnson the Prime Minster of the UK, seems to have confused a lot of people.

Trying to keep myself busy has been tough, but I have done it. Once the lockdown has been removed I will be doing some more long distance walking, which I have missed.

Walking is my exercise at the moment, I haven’t done any the last couple of days, because of self isolation, but did some today and did feel very good.

The other excising I have missed is doing weights, but I am going to begin tomorrow by doing a 7 minute workout a day.

I am going to get up and train every morning, as from tomorrow. It is important to look after your health and fitness, to help with stamina, metabolism and flexibility.

Good Home workouts:

  • 12 repetitions of arm circles forward and back x 3 sets
  • 12 Press ups x3 sets
  • 12 Obliques x3 sets
  • 12 squats x3
  • 12 side legs raises, left and right leg x3
  • 12 forward leg raises, left and right leg x3
  • 12 back leg raises, left and right x3
  • 12 stomach crunches x3
  • 12 reverse crunches x3

This is really good whole body workout.

If you have been getting fit please let me know and what exercises you have been doing during the Lockdown. All comments can be left below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Ten Things a Soccer coach should have

Female Sports Coach Clipart

Hey all! It is 4:04am and yes I am up blogging.

You could call it utter madness but my body clock just says “You know you are awake so time to be up”.

In this blog post I am sharing my Ten Things a Soccer Coach Should have:

  1. Excellent organisation skills, as often you will be responsible for collecting subs, looking after the team and keep tabs on the games that the team are going to play and look after your equipment
  2. Have enough footballs. Don’t over do it because the team needs to learn to share, but do pack extras in your car just in case. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they can go missing
  3. They possess a register of all the players which should be used on match days.
  4. A tactic board, as is easier go over what training we are going to do, and what we will be doing next
  5. A whistle to grab their attention
  6. Who is friendly, authoritative and approachable
  7. Who has team spirit
  8. Brilliant and effective communication
  9. At least level 1 qualified
  10. First aid trained

I have made the above list into a Cheat Sheet which you can download and use below:

Ten Things a Soccer Coach should have

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Supporting Lower Division Soccer

Coach And Player ClipartSince moving back to London, which was 12 years ago, as I had moved down to the South coast the one thing I missed was following football and rugby.

Before moving to the South Coast of England I would go and watch the London Broncos play and I was a season ticket holder for Chelsea.

I even became a steward once I left school for Fulham Football club, and did some work experience with the groundsman.

When that stopped as I was working full time in London, I would go and watch Chelsea FC and even went to a FA Cup Final or I would go to watch Fulham FC play.

I love supporting Lower Division Soccer and I have been to see AFC Wimbledon, Fulham and Leatherhead FC since then.

They are brilliant to go to and at Leatherhead all children under 8 years of age, get in for free.

They also do a club raffle, has a small bar and a food kiosk there too.

It is a small little ground but so totally worth it, and I will continue to watch lower league football as it is a great platform for youngsters to get into, to play aswell.

When I was coaching at Stoneleigh Athletic FC I would often arrange friendlies with Leatherhead Football club, because like at Stoneleigh Athletic FC they had a good set up.

With England FC I think that players from lower division should be considered aswell, because I do notice that with lower league football they appear to have more drive and determination.

I think lower league football is getting noticed because of the exciting matches and also great clubs to coach.

The set up we had at Stoneleigh Athletic was that we had professional coaches helping with getting the teams ready for the weekend. This was done at a school football pitch and at goals in Talworth; and the team would be coached by professional coaches every 3-4 weeks.

If you want to build a club of your own then remember they have to have a committee and be affiliated, and the coaches should be at least Level 1 qualified.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X










































































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Fitness Goals for 2020

Hello and welcome to a new blog.

I am sharing My Fitness Goals for 2020.

Goal 1# Build up the strength in my legs and upper body

Goal 2# Do short sprinted runs every day

Goal 3# Continue with mixing running and walking once a week

Goal 4# Do Pilates once a week

Goal 5# Aim to run 5km once a week then build up to twice a week

I would encourage goal setting for your fitness and remember even 5 to 10 minutes of high intensity workouts are just as good, and then once you get into your training you can then build up to doing longer stretches of exercise.


Main focus

The aim for me is to build up my strength and be toned, increase my fitness and to set an example to my followers, to help them too succeed in fitness training.

I want to be super fit to help coach others and be a role model to those that are younger than me.



To be toned and to have a high level of fitness and to keep my blood sugar level down to help my health and wellbeing.



For me fitness has been part of my life because of my health and being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes was scary because I knew and know I have to look after myself correctly and training every day for 30 to 1 hour will benefit me in the long run.

I have Congenital heart disease which means that if I am not careful called end up with heart strain and so looking after my heart is also highly important.




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Football coaching

Since the age of 11 all I wanted to do was coach football, yes I enjoyed playing but my dream was to coach.

Football for me is a great sport because you can learn so much, such as team building, communication, decision making and you have to be physically fit.

With Football Coaching it is the most rewarding experience you can do. Seeing those kids faces light up when they play and score is out of this world.

When coaching give encouragement and rather than criticize and ask questions, this will help make them think and learn what they need to do, and learn as they play.

You do want kids to enjoy the game, but at the same time remember it is sport and if they do want to play professional football when they get older then they do have to learn different ways to play the game, and learn which style suits them.

Teach them about the 4 corner flag which is a new style of coaching introduced to help adapt to different types of players, check out #FALearning.

When doing a session always have two sessions A and B, and make sure they keep warmed up at all times and have them be prepared for all weathers.

Never allow players to dictate but reward each player equally and never over promise.

Speak to parents and players directly and introduce yourself to them, and be approachable at all times, making sure their safety and security comes first.

If another person who has been DBS checked including a parent wants to help and get involved take them up on  it. Coaching on your own can be hard work and it helps the players as you can focus on them rather than collecting subs for example or looking after the substituted players on the side lines when playing a game.

Be precise and keep each session simple at first then progress, by adding a defender for example, having small sided games and then do some shooting practice by having a mini penalty shoot out.

So if you would like to football coach then do get involved and remember to enjoy it too and learn as you coach.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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